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Ask the Experts: How Social Media can Affect SEO Rankings Part 2

Question: What should I be doing on social media to increase my social signals?

1. Engage with your customers - use social media as an extension of their overall customer service

Action Tip: Keep an eye on your social content and reply to customers queries. On Facebook once you have created your post, monitor the comments and answer people’s questions/concerns. You can even give your customers further directions to get in touch (call you, up-sell or pop in).

2. Talk to people in your industry – interact with influencers in your industry and builds relationships

Action Tip: Find large Facebook groups and pages populated by people in your industry/location, and follow them. Make sure you interact on their pages (likes, comments and shares). You can then direct contact to start building a relationship.

This also works great for outreach and building influencer partnerships within your industry.

3. Promote other peoples content – dilute your only content to add value for your followers

Action Tip: By following some great social pages this provides you with a large amount of fresh, unique content that adds value to your own website/social pages. If it is based upon content subjects you have previously covered, this enhances your own content/brand message while also adding value to your readers/social followers.

4. Create value added content based on customers queries to enhance their experience

Action Tip: From reading blogs, forums and other industry websites you can pick up some really great ideas on creating content that is based upon your customers. By reading industry social media pages, you can usually find certain questions that get raised a number of times by your customers and you can create pieces of content around these queries. The old adage, if one person asks a question, how many more people have the same query but just don’t ask it?

5. When writing content reference other peoples work and invite them to respond over your social network

Action Tip: Create content that references other people’s work within the industry. By referencing these influencers in your content you will then be able to contact them and get them to share and engage in your content, as they have been mentioned as an expert within your piece. This is also known in the industry as “ego baiting”

As you can see it is all about sharing and adding value to your customers and target market, which is not company focused.

By creating sharable content people are more likely to share it and reference your company, aiding in the social interaction and boosting your social signals to enhance your websites ranking position.

Does your social media strategy follow this framework?  Do you find it difficult knowing what content to produce for sharing on your social media platforms? For more information on how we can assist on a social media strategy, contact us: [email protected]

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