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Saving money with solar

Fiona and Steve share their adventure into powering their home and cars with renewable solar energy...

Deciding to install solar panels to your home often comes with a few questions - so we speak to Fiona and Steve about their experience, and how it's benefitted their home and their budget.

Around three years ago, Fiona and Steve started to research the value of having solar panels fitted to their 20-year-old four bedroom family home in Swindon. This was before the current energy crisis, the cost of living crisis and the pandemic; the couple simply felt that it was time for their busy family to start living a greener lifestyle - this included Fiona switching to an EV (read her story here) and Steve to a hybrid, so being able to charge a vehicle at home was essential.

Firstly, Steve researched the market, identified how solar could work for a family home, estimated a cost for solar panels with battery storage, and then they started saving up. Steve then contacted various suppliers for quotes, and used the knowledge gained from his online research to ensure that the couple chose a reputable supplier who recommended the latest in solar panel technology.

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