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Matt Gleed's Cycling Tips

With Triathlon races, Road Time Trials, Velodrome Experience Days and even Cross Country Winter Mountain Bike series, the world of cycling is ever growing. In the Gyms, Leisure Centers and Health Clubs, more and more bike-focused workouts are being introduced. For the last 20 years, Indoor Cycling has had a huge stage and this popular form of group fitness has given a year round opportunity to get cycle fit to the masses.

We are now seeing indoor cycling branch out into several different, successful directions. From performance-based classes, to high-energy classes accompanied to motivation soundtracks right the way through to transformative competitior, or race-focused training.

Here’s three great ways to encourage your members to use bikes:

1. Heart Rate Training

This could be to ensure people are not working too hard so they can maintain the workout time set. Cycling coaches often use HR Training as a way to ensure the rider is working within their capabilities and not adding fatigue to tired bodies. This type of training is also often used for weight loss, medical guidelines and calorie burning. Typically working at 60% of a maximum heart rate is a start point for a low level workout, but have a look at the below table to pick your zone.

2. Interval Training

Interval Training can be used to work your top end of fitness. The time it takes for a heart rate to return after a sprint or surge of effort is a great indicator of high fitness levels. It is important to understand your zones and not try to stay in a high zone for a long period of time.

3. Power Training

Focus on the Watts you are producing to ensure you are creating power and holding speed. It’s a great way to give focus to your training in either a constant level of intensity, or to give effort and recovery levels. A common form of training for athletes is to use varied intensities during performance to replicate sport-specific efforts.

Zone 1 (60-65% of maximum heart rate): For long, easy rides, to improve the combustion of fats.

Zone 2 (65-75% of MHR): The basic base training zone. Longish rides of medium stress.

Zone 3 (75-82% of MHR): For development of aerobic capacity and endurance with moderate volume at very controlled intensity.

Zone 4 (82-89% of MHR): For simulating pace when tapering for a race.

Zone 5 (89-94% of MHR): For raising anaerobic threshold. Good sessions for 10- and 25-mile time-trials.

Zone 6 (94-100% of MHR): For high-intensity interval training to increase maximum power and speed

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Matt Gleed Personal Training

Matt Gleed Personal Training

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