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REVIEW: Some Mothers Do 'Ave 'Em at Wyvern Theatre

Our Sales & Marketing Director Rachael was invited to the Some Mothers Do 'Ave 'Em Empress night at the Wyvern Theatre, read on to find out what she thought of the show!

What a fitting tribute to a great TV Series!
On the opening of the curtain the fantastic stage setting and music of “Some Mothers Do Have Em” instantly transports you back to a nostalgic time of the 1970’s when life without the modern technology of today seemed so much simpler, less rushed and calmer. Unless that is you lived in the chaotic, DIY disastrous world of Frank Spencer!
Combined with an amazingly quick-witted script and brilliant stunt coordination, Guy Unsworth’s production of   “Some Mother do Ave em“ is thoroughly engaging and is packed with one liners, mispronunciations and innuendos that roll throughout the performance.
Joe Pasquale is just perfect in the role of Frank Spencer. Some might even say magical!
He makes the accident-prone but lovable, and well-meaning character of Frank his own whilst retaining all the characteristics and mannerisms that we have come to know and love, it was wonderful to see him wearing his trademark beret and trenchcoat.
The performances from all the cast members worked in synergy and were equally all as engaging and entertaining to watch with so much calamity happening on stage.
The female performances by Susie Blake who is fabulous as Frank's disapproving and slightly tipsy mother in law Barbara, and Sarah Earnshaw playing Frank's tolerant and sympathetic wife Betty to perfection who you can’t help to feel sorry for, worked together fantastically.

 Applause to Moray Tredwell combining two roles of Mr Luscombe and Mr Worthington, it was utterly entertaining to watch, along with David Shaw-Parker playing Father O Hara and Chris Kiely combing his two roles, all characters played their roles to perfection.
Laughter from start to a finish with a feel-good ending. Simply delightful, “Some Mother do Ave em“ is a must see!

Photos by Scott Rylander

Wyvern Theatre Swindon

Wyvern Theatre Swindon

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