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REVIEW: Awful Auntie at Wyvern Theatre

Our Sales & Marketing Director Rachael and her daughter had the pleasure of attending the showing of the famous David Walliams book Awful Auntie at the Wyvern Theatre.

My daughter is a huge fan of the book and having read this we knew we were in for a treat of the weird and wonderful humour of David Walliams and from the producers that brought us Gangsta Granny.

On the opening we met of character of 12-year-old Stella Saxby for the first time, Stella’s story is a sad one that tells of the sad loss of her patents on a tragic car crash.

This left her to the care of her horrifically deceitful and villainess “Awful Auntie “Alberta and her puppeteer Owl Wagner who are on a mission for the deeds to her family home Saxby Hall.

Photo: Mark Douet

The moving set of Saxby hall brings the stage alive along with the dark atmospheric lights that add an eeriness and spookiness to the set.

The set works well as you feel immersed in the chase and find yourself willing Stella on along with the help of her ghost friend Soot, who mysteriously died at the hall many years before.

The first half is a bit slow, but the second half really livens up as you will on your heroine and truths unfold.

The puppeteer action is entertaining as is that of the character of Gibbon the butler who seems to have no idea of the drama around him.

The plot for those who haven’t read the book is dark and is not for everyone’s taste, but what the show does do is show the power of theatre and imagination.

Photo: Mark Douet

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Wyvern Theatre Swindon

Wyvern Theatre Swindon

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