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The Irish House Party , the ultimate feel-good Irish music and
dance show coming to the UK.

The renowned Irish music and dance show, The Irish House Party, is set to embark on an exciting tour across the United Kingdom in May 2024. This captivating show transports audiences to the heart of Ireland, offering a unique blend of traditional Irish music, dance, and comedy. From the lightning-fast footwork of the dancers to the infectious energy and humour of the musicians, the show promises a highly entertaining evening from start to finish.

Set up by a talented ensemble of musicians and dancers as an antidote to the cheesy and the twee, The Irish House Party showcases the rich tapestry of Irish music and dance through an unforgettable live experience. From soul-stirring ballads to foot-stomping jigs and reels, the show captures the essence of Ireland's musical heritage, celebrating centuries-old traditions but with a contemporary twist.

"We are really excited to bring The Irish House Party to audiences across the UK," says Declan Quinn, one of the show’s co-founders. "In fact the origins of a traditional Irish house party has very strong connections with the UK as Declan explains “It was originally associated with people emigrating from Ireland to the UK, Canada, America and Australia. These leaving parties were often referred to as ‘wakes’ because it would be years before many of these people would return to Ireland if ever. Neighbours and friends would gather in the house the night before the departure. Tunes would be played, songs would be sung and dances danced on the stone kitchen floor. These parties were great fun and this coming together and sharing of the music, song and dance has been a major reason why the music tradition has survived so strongly in Ireland”

“We want people who come to the show to feel like they are coming into a friend’s house. It is a really intimate way to experience our music and dance. Our mission is to share the magic of Irish music, dance and humour in an immersive show, and we can't wait to connect with audiences in cities and towns throughout the UK."

This initial tour will feature performances in South Wales, the Midlands and the South Coast of England with each show offering a unique glimpse into traditional Irish music and dance the way it is in Ireland today. There are no flat caps, waistcoats or yellow wigs. Instead you get incredibly talented musicians and dancers wanting to bring you the sound and fun of Ireland in an intimate theatre setting.

Tickets for The Irish House Party UK tour are now available for purchase, with early booking recommended to secure seats. Don't miss your chance to experience the magic of Ireland's premier cultural showcase live on stage.

For more information and to book tickets, visit or follow The Irish House Party on facebook or Instagram.

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