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Samantha Jayne

What will September bring for Samantha Jayne?

September is upon us; summer holidays are over, and children are back to school. We’re in the final quarter of 2022 and talking to businesses about what September will bring for them.

Today we’re talking to Samantha Jayne who is a Spiritual Coach based in Swindon.

What’s coming up for your business in September?
This month I have my Activate Abundance Programme starting. I only ever work with 8 spiritually minded entrepreneurs at a time, so it is great to start a new journey with wonderful new purpose driven business owners.  I am also hosting my next Master Your Mindset Programme session which has amazing business owners in too. I love seeing the business growth that my clients are achieving. I have lots to look forward to.

September is always a busy time with lots of new clients onboarding and new events being added into the schedule for the next 12 months!

It’s ‘back to school’ month – is this relevant to you personally or professionally?
It does. On a personal level, I have one daughter in her final year at college and one daughter in her final year at university so at home it is all about getting back into the routine of classes, assignments and still making time for fun together.

September is also known as ‘organic’ month – do you shop, dress, or behave with green ethics in mind?
I do try to. At home and at work, we do a lot of recycling and are aware of the packaging we buy.

World Gratitude Day takes place this month (Sept 21) – what are you grateful for at the moment?
I always feel very grateful for my life and my business but right now I feel especially grateful for my health and my strength. My Dad, who has terminal lung and bone cancer, is deteriorating somewhat, but there is still the fighter in him, so we stay positive. I am grateful that I have created a business that allows me the flexibility to spend time with him.

Who are you grateful for at the moment?
I am grateful for my team, my Events Manager, Charlie Metcalfe, who is great at managing all venue correspondence and Hannah Edwards, who is great at keeping my admin flowing. Having a great team who get what you do and why you do it, is so important.

What are your hopes for business for the rest of this year?
My hopes for the business this year is that every event, mastermind, and online masterclass continues to be a sell-out. I love what I do, and I love the people that I get to do it with.

I also hope that through my work I am able to inspire Therapists, to keep going, to not throw the towel in during these difficult times, because their work is needed more than ever.

We are dealing with a lot of messages around ‘bad’ news such as the rising cost of living, inflation rising and interest rates rising. How are you keeping positive – what tips can you share with others?
TIP ONE Watch for poverty mindset creeping in! That is my first tip. Don’t buy into the negativity. This is not a time to step down and play safe and small, it is in time like these that those who step up bravely and raise their game can achieve the greatest success.

TIP TWO Be flexible. Be creative. Offer client’s payment plans. Think of ways that you can serve your clients at a cost-effective way for both you and the client.

Have you got any events planned you’d like to shout?
On the 19th September I am at The Kings in Swindon providing a mediumship demonstration. I love the positive energy of these and having the opportunity to uplift the audience. There are still tickets available which can be purchased here: Mediumship Demonstration – The Kings, Swindon, Wilts – Samantha Jayne (

Have you got any services or special offers you’d like to mention?
There is still time to be one of the 8 Entrepreneurs I will be working with this year in my ACTIVATE ABUNDANCE MASTERMIND PROGRAMME, this is perfect for anyone who wants to lose the struggle of being spiritual and creating wealth at the same time. You can find out more and enrol here: Activate Abundance Programme – Samantha Jayne (

For those who may be interested I am also hosting a retreat day, here in Uffcott, on the 10th October for business owners who really want to step into the purpose behind their businesses. You can find out more and book your place here: 10:10 Activation Retreat Day – Samantha Jayne (

And finally, September 30 is International Podcast Day – do you listen to podcasts or do you have one of your own? Can you share a tip? Which podcasts should others check out?
I do listen to podcasts and in fact I have my own, Blocked to Blessed with Coach Samantha Jayne and I am always lining up guests to come onto the show so if anyone reading this is interested please reach out.

I recommend Fiona Scott’s podcast, which is a great one around PR and what it really is. I also recommend Gary Vee’s podcast The GaryVee Audio Experience on Apple Podcasts I just love his attitude and he speaks the truth!

Can you share something which inspires you to ‘keep going’?
What inspires me to keep going is the testimonials I receive from clients.


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