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B2B Sales Training For HR Consultants

How to find, attract, and win new clients for your consulting business in the HR industry.

Tired Of Missing Out On New Clients?

Does this sound like you...?

You are an expert in your field of HR but you've little or no sales training.

You feel hesitant to sell yourself and your services.

You have good conversations with prospective new clients but then miss out on new work. 

Right now, your talents are being wasted. That's no good for you or your potential new clients.

Let's get your mojo back and win you some clients!

Here's what they'll cover:

  • Marketing yourself effectively over LinkedIn and how to increase your profile views.
  • How to position your business against competitors and qualify your future clients.
  • Top tips for social media marketing and engaging with ideal clients.
  • Outsell your competitors with compelling communication.  
  • A comprehensive framework from call to close with a new prospect.
  • Different openings, questions, and delivering conversations with conviction.
  • Needs-based selling to identify the prospects requirements.
  • How to handle objections with confidence.
  • Techniques for closing your sale and following-up.
  • How to handle the ‘money’ conversation.


Daily - from Thursday 1 December 2022 to Saturday 31 December 2022

Price: £87

Correct Careers Coaching



T: 07599 332178

Correct Careers Coaching Swindon

Correct Careers Coaching

Correct Careers Coaching is passionate about employee retention, development, and inspiring career success.

Correct Careers Coaching
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