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Best Dog Walks in Swindon

Top four dog walks in Swindon

We all love our pets and Swindon is full of fantastic dog walking locations to let your furry little friends off the leash and into the countryside. But whether you're new to the area or a seasoned swindonian, we're here to help as we give our recommendations on the top dog walks in Swindon.

Take a peek below as we guide you through the top dog walks in Swindon...

Thanks to Kirsty at Wheelers Walkies for her recommendations. Find out more about Wheelers Walkies here. 

1. Barbury Castle

Where: Barbury Castle

About: Situated on the outskirts of Wroughton, Barbury Castle spans across 60 hectares of open grassland making it the perfect place to walk your dogs in Wiltshire.

With expansive roaming fields, Barbury Castle is the highest point in Swindon and offers spectacular views of the surrounding towns and villages.

Be sure to keep an eye out for the amazing natural wildlife that often visits the area with deers and birds of prey frequent visitors to the area. If you’re on the prowl for somewhere to spend your day exploring the sights this summer then Barbury Castle is well worth a visit.

Find out more about Barbury Castle here.

Sat Nav address: SN4 0QH


Barbury Castle























2. The Ridgeway


Where: The Ridgeway

About: The Ridgeway is one of Wiltshire’s most famous and best walking spots. Whether you’re looking for dog walking spots in Swindon or rambling around the countryside, The Ridgeway just had to be included in our list of the best dog walks in Swindon.

Spanning across a distance of 87 miles, you can walk the famous route once used by travellers, herdsmen and soldiers as your dog runs merrily through downland, secluded valleys and woodland.

Find out more about The Ridgeway here.

Sat Nav Address: Park at the same address as above for Barbury castle and walk down to The Ridgeway.

ridgeway road


























3. Stanton Country Park

Where: Stanton Country Park

About: Stanton Park is a local wildlife and nature reserve located in Upper Stratton and is one of our favourite places to walk the dogs in Wiltshire.

Consisting of woodland, greenland, and a series of ponds and lakes, Stanton Park offers the perfect environment for your dogs to burn off any built-up energy whilst you relax and enjoy the beautiful peaceful scenery. After you’ve finished your walk why not head to Stanton House Hotel with your furry buddy and enjoy a drink in the sun.

Find out more about Stanton Country Park here.

Sat Nav Address: SN6 7SF

dogs swimming















4. Martinsell Hill

Where: Martinsell Hill, nr Marlborough

About: At 290m above sea level and regarded as the third highest point in the county of Wiltshire, Martinsell Hill offers spectacular views over the rolling countryside and plenty of grassland for your four-legged friends to roam free.

But it's not just eye-catching views and rolling hills that Martinsell Hill has to offer. Once you reach the top of the hill, the shady woodland awaits where you'll spot a range of beautiful seasonal flowers and interesting wildlife. As far as dog walks go, this one is a true hidden gem and is waiting to be explored by you and your furry friends!

Find out more about Martinsell Hill here.

Sat Nav Address: SN8 4PA

Martinsell Hill

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