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Review: Facial Treatment and Massage at New College

Everyone loves a good pamper; and this week a member of Team Total was lucky enough to go along to Distinction at New College and experience a relaxing back, shoulder and neck massage followed by a luxury facial.

As someone who had never experienced any professional beauty treatments before, I was extremely excited to give this a go...and WOW! It was an amazingly relaxing experience and something I will definitely be doing again!

On arrival, I was met by Jess, the student who was going to be completing my massage and facial. She was very welcoming, friendly and talked me through everything that was going to happen. She took me to my own area, where all the products were laid out ready, and where she left me to get ready for the first part of the treatment: the massage.

The 90 minute experience was relaxing, luxurious and simply just a dream from start to finish. Jess remained very professional throughout the treatment by ensuring I felt okay with all the different creams and oils as well as taking me through each product she was using. We began with the back massage, which can only be described as out of this world. As I'd never experienced a professional massage before, I was apprehensive about how I would find the treatment. However, I needn't had worried! Jess was extremely accomodating by ensuring I felt comfortable with every step she took. Had I felt uncomfortable at any point, I know I wouldn't have hesitated to tell Jess and she would have stopped straightaway. The massage flowed beautifully and she covered every area possible, making me feel like a new person!

She used a number of different creams and gels on my back, neck and shoulders to add another dose of soothing to the experience. The massages were so relaxing, I could have fallen asleep and layed there for hours!

Next, we moved on to the facial. The treatment included a huge variety of different products: from moisturising, exfoliating, steaming, relaxing gels, face masks and so much more. Jess began by completing a skin test, meaning she could tailor the entire treatment to different products that would work for me. This not only made it very personal, but it also helped me understand which products would be useful for me to use at home too. Jess began the facial treatment by ensuring my face was clean of all makeup, then exfoliating. All the products used were soft, relaxing and smelt divine (which is always a good thing when your face is smothered in it!)

Once the treatments had finished, I was feeling completely relaxed, moisturised and very well looked after! Jess went through the skin test she performed to show the different areas of my skin. She explained to me exactly what type of skin I had, which products were best for my skin as well as giving me several free samples of moisturises, oils and other wonders she had used on my face.

The whole experience was divine - I've never felt more relaxed! It's fantastic for those looking for a luxurious pamper with completely different and a wide variety of fantastic products. The products used are renowned for the impact they have on aging skin, but also the ways in which they can help prevent premature aging, so are a suitable treatment for all ages. I came out of my treatment wishing I could experience it all over again!

New College Swindon

New College Swindon

New College Swindon is perfect for your next step after school, an interesting adult evening class, a professional or business qualification, a course to get you back into the world of work or even a life-changing degree course.

New College Drive, Swindon, SN3 1AH, North Star Avenue, Swindon, SN2 1DY, Adult Learning Centre, Focal Point, 27-35 Fleet St, Swindon SN1 1RQ,

The Salon Swindon

The Salon

The Salon is supported by 'The Academy' another of the college's student run salons.

New College, New College Drive, Swindon, SN3 1AH

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