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Holiday Checklist

Selecting your dream holiday destination, choosing the perfect hotel, making the flight arrangements and purchasing your tickets is only the start of it!

Before you head off on your jollies to relax and rejuvenate, there's always so much to think about. Whether holidaying at home or abroad, follow our step by step guide for travelling like a pro this Summer.

Having already jetted off all around the world this summer, team TGtS has plenty of advice to ensure that your next trip goes as smoothly as possible:

Pack Light

If you want to avoid increasing baggage fees and the burden of hauling a bulky bag around spread out terminal walkways, packing light is essential. Be it a domestic or international flight, savvy travellers are taking advantage of smart, minimalist packing and using carry-ons to save themselves time and money. Before you consider which particular suitcase to take, check your airline's carry-on baggage restrictions, you may find that each airline will have different rules and regulations.

Check In Online

For travellers hoping to reduce stress and beat lengthy airport queues, checking in online is a quick and easy way to bypass the gaggle of holiday makers heading towards the check in kiosk. 72 hours before departure, travellers are able to print off their boarding cards and reserve their seats. Conveniently, most airlines that offer online check-in also offer quick bag drop-off counters.

Learn the Lingo

Wherever you are in the world it's always good to know how to say thank you in different languages, not only does it show you've taken the time and care to understand the culture of the country that you're visiting but manners always go a long way too. Whether it’s “merci,” “obrigado” or “Arigato,” it’s unbelievable how much those simple words can open up doors (no matter how cod your accent may sound).

Be Loyal

Consolidating your travel arrangements to just a few providers can majorly work in your favour. Customers are regularly rewarded with upgrades or amenities for their continued loyalty. A brilliant philosophy to live by in situations like these is  "if you don't ask you don't get" , don't be afraid to try and squeeze freebies or added extras out of travel companies.

Know Where you Need to Be

As ridiculous as it may sound, an alarming number of people turn up at the wrong terminal or airport because they haven’t bothered to check their tickets properly. To avoid any last minute mishaps make sure you double check your confirmation email or any other relevant travel paperwork. If you're in need of an airport transfer service, Cross Street Radio Cars pride themselves on going the extra mile for customers - by checking traffic reports, and knowing your flight details. 

Fend Off Jetlag

Shaking off the effects of jetlag can be a lot easier said than done. Make sure you're fully rested before you travel. If you’re flying overnight and you can get a bit of sleep on the flight, it will help you to stay up until night time once you arrive at your destination. A few days before you travel, start getting up and going to bed earlier (if you're travelling east) or later (if you're travelling west). During the flight, try to eat and sleep according to your destination's local time.


Regardless of whether you're traveling for business or pleasure, squeeze in a quick city tour, enjoy an experience that’s unique to the city you’re visiting or sample a local delicacy. Immersing yourself in the true local flavour of any city you visit will give you a truly unique holiday experience. Toss out the guide book and ask people who live nearby what's worth going to see.

Don't Purchase Currency at the Airport

Avoid buying foreign currency at an airport or ferry port, instead, order cash in advance on the high street, at your bank or online. Commission-free currency is available at various places including the Post Office, Marks & Spencer Bank and Sainsbury’s Bank. If you must get your travel cash from the airport, order via the pick-up service to get a slightly better rate.

Travel Insurance

Never buy travel insurance from a travel agent, tour operator or airline, it will almost always cost you more. When purchasing travel insurance make sure that you’re covered for anything that you anticipate could go wrong. I.e. lost luggage, delay or cancellation of your flights, medical treatment while you’re away, and cover for any dangerous sports or activities that you are planning on taking part in.

Be Strict About Souvenirs

It's easy to be lured into buying unnecessary souvenir items when on holiday when everything seems quirky and new. Make a plan before you travel to decide exactly how much you want to spend on mementos and who is on your shopping list. Stick with meaningful items that will reflect your adventure long after the trip is over.

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