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Working Futures

Whether looking for a new job or more freelance clients, the Working Futures programme gives candidates the tools and confidence to be ‘job’ ready.

The programme delivers expert advice, guidance and coaching on everything to do with careers in the creative sector. From CV audits and job application reviews to interview techniques, building your social media profile and job searches, Working Futures is all about you.

Liz Gadd, Director and Co-Founder of Working Futures, said:  “After more than two decades of working in recruitment for the creative sectors, we needed to find a way to help ALL the candidates who send us their details from graduates to MDs.

The creative industry is one of the most popular and competitive sectors in the UK at the moment; very often candidates fail to get to interview stage just because their CV is not fit for purpose, or don’t get the job because their interview skills need improvement! Making time to invest in yourself is such an important part of landing that ideal job or dream project and that’s where we can help. Making sure people get the best chance of getting the job by helping them focus on what matters to clients!”

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Liz Gadd Ltd

Recruiter, networker and business development director within social media, PR, sales, marketing and digital sectors.

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