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Why an apprenticeship could be the right career choice for you?

You’ve finished years in full-time education and have now got what is arguably the biggest decision of your life so far: what do I do next? There are a plethora of options available: college; university; find a job; go on a gap year. But one of the most exciting and rewarding options is to get an apprenticeship. 

Gone are the days when apprenticeships were just for students with little or no qualifications and applicants had precious few options to choose from. With university fees higher than ever, many employers are investing in apprenticeships and this could be the perfect way to kick-start your professional career in the industry you want.

Apprenticeship v University

Universities used to be the go-to option if you wanted to get a head start with your career, but these days apprenticeships are proving that you don’t have to go to university to obtain a high-level qualification. Apprenticeships are become increasingly popular throughout the UK with over 300,000 new apprenticeship starts in the last 12 months alone. 

In contrast to university, you don’t have to pay for an apprenticeship, in fact, it pays you! There are varied and exciting industry-specific apprenticeship programmes on offer at multiple employers in your area, meaning you can pursue your dream career without having to worry about student debt and costs. 

Apprenticeships mean you will be working in full-time employment whilst learning on the job through the assistance of an educational establishment or a private training provider. Green Labyrinth is one of the South-West’s leading training providers and offers an impressive selection of apprenticeship qualifications including digital marketing, accountancy, software development and much more. 

Earn While You Learn

One of the best things about an apprenticeship is that you are paid to learn new knowledge and skills whilst forging a new career. Available to everyone aged 16+ in the UK, employment as an apprentice will allow you to start earning a wage alongside your educational studies. The UK minimum apprenticeship wage begins at £3.70 an hour but many employers pay more. 

On completion of your apprenticeship, you will be able to combine your industry-experience and accredited qualification to continue making a success of your career. Some apprentices stay on with their employers, others decide to move on to pastures new. But all apprentices have both the experience and qualifications to ensure their career is likely to flourish.

Find out more about apprenticeships currently available in Swindon here. 

Earn Real Workplace Experience

When it comes to progressing in your career, employers will often want to see a track record of work experience together with relevant high-quality qualifications. The best thing for you is that an apprenticeship gives you both of these things. 

Placing you into a full-time role with an employer, you will complete your qualification through a series of workplace evidence which will see you document different tasks and skills you learn whilst working within your role. This will give you hands-on work experience and will progress your knowledge and familiarity within the professional area you are choosing to study in. 

When you’ve completed your apprenticeship program, you will then be able to pursue various roles with multiple different employers having gained industry experience with a respected qualification. 

Green Labyrinth is a private training provider operating out of Swindon town centre and can help you complete your desired apprenticeship with a wide range of first-class apprenticeship courses available.

Find out more about Green Labyrinth’s apprenticeship offer and explore their current apprenticeship vacancies here. 

Green Labyrinth Swindon

Green Labyrinth

Green Labyrinth is a training provider that offers a variety of training opportunities for all age groups.

1 Milton Road, Swindon, SN1 5JE

Green Labyrinth
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