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TGtS Meets...Amelia Lily

Pop singer turned stage star, Amelia Lily is currently appearing in the national tour of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat. The bubbly blonde chatted to us about life on the road, branching out into acting and her future recording plans.

Joseph is totally different to anything that you've done before, were you excited to be taking on a new challenge?

Absolutely, theatre is something that I've wanted to do for a while now and I've always loved the story of Joseph, so it seemed like the perfect opportunity to branch out and try something new. I play the role of the narrator, which is a really, really big part! It's definitely been challenging at times but I've loved every minute of it. 

Have you wanted to branch out into acting for a while?

Yeah definitely, I've just been waiting for the right time and the right role to come along! I grew up doing theatre, so it's always been a real passion of mine. 

Your brother Lewis appeared in Any Dream Will Do and Joseph, has he given you any tips or advice?

I was so nervous when I was first asked to appear in the show because my role involves a lot of singing and I was worried about the strain it would put on my voice. I did have my doubts but Lewis was the one who told me to "go for it". He said "essentially you're a storyteller, so as long as you tell the story, you'll be fine" - and he was right! 

Why do you think Joseph is still such a popular musical?

It's a feel good, family show. You arrive with a smile on your face and you leave with a smile on your face. The show has a simple storyline so its easy to follow and the songs are super-catchy and light-hearted.  

How is working with Matt and Lloyd?

We have so much fun together. The whole company is amazing and I'll be really sad when it's over because I've made some friends for life. 

How have you found the touring schedule, has it been fun visiting so many different places?

I'm used to living out of a suitcase, its what I've been doing since I was 16, so I love being on the road. We get Tuesdays off each week, so we all hang out and go for drinks and dinner, which is always nice. The schedule can be pretty brutal though, especially when we're doing 12 shows a week! 

Would you like to do more musical theatre in the future? What would your dream role be?

When the tour finishes I'm actually going straight into rehearsals for another musical. I'm playing Whatshername in American Idiot this summer. The production is based around all of Green Day's biggest hits - so I'm really excited about my musical future. My dream role would be Elphaba in Wicked; its one of my all-time favourite musicals. 

Aside from theatre, are there any television series that you'd love to appear in?

Someone recently brought up the idea of me maybe doing some presenting work, which would be really cool. I'd love to be a TV presenter as well as a singer. I enjoy talking a lot so I definitely think I'd be able to give it a good go. 

Speaking of singing, are you looking to get back into the studio anytime soon? 

My music is always happening in the background. I'm always having meetings and discussions about new projects and tracks. I think my music will always be my number one passion, but I'm super-young and if there are opportunities available to me like theatre and television work, I'm up for the challenge. I'm only 20 years old, so I've still got plenty of time to release a new album.

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