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TGt Meets... Katie Markham

Ahead of her performance at the Wyvern Theatre on October 11th, we had a chat with Katie Markham, a UK based Singer and the Number 1 Adele Tribute as seen on the BBC and ITV!

What can the Wyvern Theatre audience expect from your show, ‘Someone Like You - The Adele Songbook’?

The audience can expect an emotional roller-coaster. A journey through the life and music of one of the greatest musical icons of this era. They can expect to be singing and clapping along enthusiastically one moment and reaching for the tissues the next.

How would you describe what you do to someone unfamiliar with Katie Markham?

I would describe myself as a versatile singer who is extremely lucky to assume the mantle of Adele whenever I don the iconic black dress and take to the stage. 

What is the most common misconception about what you do?

I think people expect me to come out on stage with a cockney accent and a potty mouth. I wear the dress and sing the songs but I am there to tell her story as Katie, to celebrate her success with like-minded people.

When did you first discover your singing abilities and their likeness to Adele's?

I was singing and dancing from an early age and always wanted to pursue a career in music even if I was not fully aware how to make it happen. I ended up learning my trade in social clubs up north where I was often asked to sing Adele songs. I was told that I sounded a little like Adele and I think I jumped at the chance to perform as her.

What is your favourite Adele song?

There are so many and I change my mind all the time! A couple of my favourite songs are "One and only" as I sang this on the XFactor and "Make you feel my love" as I got to sing this with Adele on the Graham Norton Show. They both have a special place in my heart.

If you could pick one highlight from your career so far, what would it be?

I would definitely have to say being surprised by Adele on the BBC is up there. It was definitely a pivotal moment in my life and has lead on to amazing things such as fronting our amazing theatre show. 

Who have been your biggest musical influences?

 I think my biggest musical influences have been female icons such as Whitney Houston, Celene Dion, Etta James, Eva Cassidy and Adele. I love power ballads and songs that evoke emotion. These women have them and then some!

What has been your fondest memories from one of your shows?

You can't beat walking out to your encore of "Someone like you" in front of over a thousand people who have created a sea of stars using their mobile phones. This happened in Glasgow and when they all joined in I don't know how I managed to keep it together.

Are you going to be exploring much of the local area when you’re in Swindon for the show?

Touring never affords you the time you would like to explore places fully. The band and backstage crew do all tend to head off into town after our soundcheck so we do get to see some sights. Me and the girls love to discover little tea rooms and if we are staying over, we sometimes all go and do something together like trampolining.

What’s next for Katie Markham after the tour?

Another tour haha! We have lots of plans in the works but we are all enjoying this show so much I can see it continue for a long time to come. 

Someone Like You (The Adele Songbook) will be at the Wyvern Theatre on Wednesday 11 October. Tickets are available at or from the Ticket Office on 01793 524481.

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