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TGt Meets...Iain Baker, Keyboard Player for Jesus Jones

TGt Meets...Iain Baker, Keyboard Player for Jesus Jones. We asked the awesome Rockstar all things Minety Festival and he gave us an insight into the life of performing.

How would you describe your music? 

I have no idea! I always think I should concentrate on the music, and leave the thorny issues to other people! I guess, as a musician, you tend to be too close to your own material, to compare it to anything else. People do ask me, and I still don’t know! If you pushed me, I’d just mumble something about being a rock band, using technology!

What can festival-goers expect from your live show?

I’d like to hope they would find it exciting! We’ve always been the sort of band who absolutely love being on stage, and it shows. There is always lots of energy, lots of movement. Being in a band is naturally a lot of fun, and I think we always try and transmit that to an audience.

What are the main differences between playing festivals and regular gigs? 

Festivals are very different - they’re not strictly “your show”, so the crowd could have come to see someone else, or not all of them may be aware of you, or your music. So, you do have to win people over. Plus, a festival is very much about a moment in time - it’s all about the atmosphere. You have to try and tap into that, if possible. But the best thing about the festival is always how open the crowd is to having a good time. It’s what they came for, it’s what they want. So - you have to go with that, and hopefully, give them what they want.

What’s one of your fondest memories from one of your shows? 

Always, always, hearing the crowd sing the songs. Sometimes, we’ve done shows where it drowns out the singer. That’s amazing. When it does happen, you always look around at each other, with a massive grin - it’s very special.

What's your favourite thing about what you do?

Just being on stage. It’s a feeling of absolute freedom. You’re very much the master of your own destiny - things can go right, or wrong - and it’s all in your own hands. That sounds like pressure - and it can be, but it’s nice to have that responsibility too.

If you could pick one highlight from your career so far what would it be? 

The moment where you get a phone call to say you’re going to be on Top Of The Pops. TOTP might not mean anything to kids anymore, and it’s been off our screens for years - but for all of us, growing up, that was the centre of our musical educations. It was such a massive thing - and hearing that we were going to be on it - that was absolutely huge.

What is 3 things that you always take with you when performing? 

Throat sweets, for those days when your voice is a croak, not a shout - clean clothes, as you wouldn’t believe how nasty it is to try and wear stuff that hasn’t dried out from the previous day’s gig - and magazines to read on long dull journeys up and down the motorways of the UK.

Do you still get nervous when performing in front of large crowds? If so, what's one thing you do to calm your nerves?

We never, ever get nervous. However, we do get impatient. If we’re due on at 10pm, and are standing at the side of the stage, we’re absolutely ready to get on, and start playing. So, if someone suddenly says - “oh, we just need some more time to fix something” or whatever, then that always winds us up. You just want to get on, and get going, as soon as possible.

What are you most looking forward to when you perform at the Minety Festival?

It’s been a long frustrating time, away from the stage - we’re just looking to getting back in front of a crowd again - can’t wait.

What is one piece of advice you would give to someone who wants to be a performer?

Never ever compromise. Don’t change who you are, to suit a crowd. Stay true to yourself, and keep on doing whatever it is, you do best. The moment you lose that, you lose everything.

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