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TGt Meets... Derek Acorah

Ahead of his 'Whispers From Heaven' show at the Wyvern Theatre, we had a chat with celebrity spirit medium Derek Acorah - one of the foremost names in the world of psychic phenomena. Find out what to expect below...

What can the Wyvern Theatre audience expect from your new show, Whispers from Heaven?

The audience can expect the absolute best in British mediumship from me delivered in my own unique style.  For many many years, I have been astounding audiences around the United Kingdom with the accuracy of my mediumship. I am constantly contacted by people who tell me how much I have helped them with the messages I have delivered whilst demonstrating on stage in theatres. The Wyvern Theatre audience will receive no less than my very best endeavour to communicate with their loved ones in the world of spirit.

How would you describe what you do to someone unfamiliar with Derek Acorah?

I would explain to them that I am a medium, a link between two worlds – the world we all inhabit on earth and the spiritual realms to which we travel when our time here is done. I do this by using the facility of clairvoyance (clear seeing) and clairaudience (clear hearing). I can speak with lost loved ones who have passed on to the heavenly state and deliver messages of hope, comfort and proof that we all do indeed live on.

When did you first discover the abilities that led to you pursuing a career as a psychic medium? How did they present themselves?

I first became aware of possessing a gift of mediumship when I was quite young – six year of age in fact. I was at my grandmother’s home when I saw a man that I did not recognise stand on the landing halfway up a set of stairs.  I thought that the man was an intruder, so real was he to my eyes.  I ran downstairs and told my grandmother and my mother about what I had seen.  After checking that there was in fact nobody else in the house, my mother asked me to describe the man.  I noticed an exchange of glances between her and my grandmother.  I was shown some old photographs and was able to point out the person I had seen on the landing – it was my grandfather who had passed away due to an accident some three years before my birth.  That is my first recollection of seeing spirit form.  I must point out that my grandmother was a medium before me and it was she who made the announcement that I would follow in her footsteps. I pursued a career in professional football from the age of 15 and during that time saw various things but I pushed this away as my one passion in life was football.  When my footballing career came to a premature end due to injury, my mind became more attuned to spirituality and I began attending Spiritualist churches and following the pathway for which my grandmother was convinced I was destined.

What is the most common misconception about what you do?

That mediums are open to spirit influence all the time – twenty four hours a day, seven days a week. This is not so. Mediums follow a discipline of opening up to spirit and closing down. We have to do this because otherwise we would be bombarded continually and this would cause severe mental drainage. We cannot conjure up a spirit person out of thin air at a moment’s notice. We can only wait for spirit to connect with us – we cannot command or demand.

You finished fourth in this year’s Celebrity Big Brother, how did you find the experience?

Largely I enjoyed the experience and met some people who I will be glad to call my friends in future.  Sometimes it was daunting in that being confined in a small space with strangers can test the strongest of temperaments, especially if the personalities of some are very different to your own. I am more than happy that I accepted the invitation to take part because it took me out of my comfort zone and tested me. I also learned how to use a washing machine but made the mistake of announcing this new skill at home.

With live performances, TV shows and a long list of author credits, how do you manage such a busy schedule? Which aspect do you take the most pleasure in?

I am very fortunate in that I have a wonderful support system which enables me to concentrate on my work and not have to worry about the everyday problems. I can concentrate solely on my work and also have time to relax away from it which is of great importance.  Although I enjoy television work I feel that live performances give me the most satisfaction and pleasure because I can see first-hand the joy someone experiences when they have been passed a meaningful message from a loved one in spirit.

What has been the most shocking revelation you’ve discovered in one of your live shows?

I would not describe my experiences during a live show as being shocking – life is life and some of us suffer greater hurts than others. I have spoken with murderers and the murdered during my time as a medium; I have experienced the feeling of great emotional hurt and great joy, even physical pain has been placed upon me in order that I could experience exactly what the person in spirit had endured. I suppose my biggest shock, if you would care to call it that, was when I was contacted for a private reading by a young woman. I could see that something terrible lay ahead for her but spirit were not making it clear... they were telling me to stress to her that she must take great care where her children were concerned and not to let them out of her sight.  I knew from her reading that she was already suffering the breakdown of her marriage but passed the message on to her. A few weeks later I was contacted by the lady once again to advise me that her husband had committed suicide and had taken their children with him over to the world of spirit.  Her words were “If only I’d listened to you”. 

There are many different disciplines of the paranormal, what aspects do you find the most intriguing?

I think that psychometry is the most fascinating of disciplines. The manner in which vibrations from the past can be absorbed into an inanimate object and then that object exude those feelings many many years later is amazing.

What’s been the project you’ve enjoyed the most through your career?

I very much enjoyed my first ever television appearances with “Granada Breeze” when I appeared weekly, connecting with people on set or sometimes from another part of the world by telephone. Those were wonderful and satisfying days from a work point of view.  I also enjoyed very much “Antiques Ghost Show” where I was fascinated over some of the objects that were brought in for me to psychometrise.

What’s next for Derek Acorah after the tour?

Apart from appearing in various television and radio shows to which I have been invited as a guest, I will be concentrating on meetings and discussions regarding filming new programming. Following the end of the tour I think a rest is in order and of course the enjoyment of Christmas festivities with family.

Derek Acorah will be at the Wyvern Theatre on Thu 7 September. Tickets are available at or from the Ticket Office on 01793 524481.

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