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TGt Meets...Dan Graham, performer and co-producer of Rave On

Meet our latest TGt Meets...Dan Graham, performer and co-producer of Rave On. We found out what inspired Dan to become a performer and what it's like to be in this industry.

What inspired you to fulfil a career in this industry?

My parents were performers and both worked in theatre. I first fell into 50s and 60s music through them, I got taken to watch the Buddy Holly Story in the west and end fell in love with the music and the show which years later I was fortunate to perform in around the UK and Germany.

What’s your favourite rendition so far?

With The Bluejays I’ve been fortunate to travel all over the world playing with the band. A couple of shows that stand out were… a gig in Venice where we had to get a river boat to the venue (it felt very James Bond) and the other was taking our show to the Chichester Festival theatre and selling out on our first visit. 1300 people cheering and dancing all evening was a great sight.

What was it like being in the West End?

It was a proud moment to be asked to work on Dreamboats and Petticoats in the west end for Bill Kenwright. The commute was quick and the journey from waterloo over embankment bridge everyday was a lovely way to get to work. It was amazing to be part of the bustling west end and I had a great time on a very fun show!

What can people expect from Rave On at the Wyvern Theatre on Saturday 19th March?

Rave On is the most authentic rock and roll show out there. We’ve spent years listening to the original songs in detail and we recreate them with as much authenticity as we can whilst still making them our own. Unlike other tribute shows we take the audience on a journey through the two eras from 1954 until about 1963 and tell the stories behind the songs and how rock and roll evolved from the early country and rhythm and blues music to what it became in the mid sixties.

Do you get nervous before shows, if so what 3 tips do you have to control your nerves?

I used to when we first started doing these shows as you want them to go well and perform to your best but also from a producer stand point too, hoping the audience enjoy and that everything goes smoothly. My tips would be to find time to step back from everything for a minute if you’re getting nervous and have a think about what you have to do and realise that it’s not actually that scary in the scheme of things. Breathing exercises and chewing gum calm me down before shows if I’m really nervous.

Who will enjoy the show Rave On?

Is it directed at a particular age group or for anyone who loves 50s & 60s rock ‘n’ roll?

Rave On always really hits home with the people who grew up with the music. We love meeting people after the show and they always say “you took me right back to my youth” or “you sounded just like the original. However, we’ve also found that we get a lot of younger people and families who come to the show who have either seen us online or have budding musicians in their family. So, I would say this show is perfect for all!

What’s one of your favourite 60s songs you’d love to perform but haven’t yet?

At the moment there is 6 of us onstage which enables us to do so many songs from the era however one day I’d love to have a really big band/orchestra onstage and recreate some of the later Beatles tracks and anything from The Beach Boys ‘pet sounds’ album.

To book tickets for Rave On please click here.

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