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TGt Meets... Criminal Mind

UK Punk Rock band, Criminal Mind, are performing at the upcoming One Faith Punk Festival at MECA Swindon. We had a chat with the group about what you can expect from their live show... don't miss it!

How would you describe your music?
Street Punk with Hardcore elements.
What can festival-goers expect from your live show?
Fast, energetic punk rock noise! We make sure it's loud too.
What are the main differences between playing festivals and regular gigs?
I don't really see much difference in festivals and gigs...a show is a show as long as people enjoy what they pay for- everybody's happy!
Who have been your biggest musical influences?
The Ruts, Black Flag, Rancid, Motörhead and of course Sham 69. 
What have been your fondest memories from one of your shows?
People giving us a lot of praise and singing along to songs we have made come to life. Also getting drunk with the friends/fans. 
Are you going to be exploring much of the local area when you’re in Lechlade for the festival?
Probably not, we want to enjoy all the acts all day so we will stay at the Mecca. 
To survive a music festival, what are your three essentials you need in your luggage?
Beer, More beer and probably something else like beer. 
What’s next for the band?
We are finishing a new EP soon then we will tour later his year around Europe and the UK. Hopefully next year we can put out our 3rd album. 
If you could pick one highlight from your career so far, what would it be?
Being falsely arrested at Dover for illegal immigrant smuggling...true story (google it!) 
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