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TGt Meets...Tom Chennells, Managing Director of Luminism

Meet our latest TGt Meets...Tom Chennells, Managing Director of Luminism.

Tom Chennells is the Managing Director of Luminism, which is part of the YES Group. Tom Chennells is the lighting designer for the Enchanted Garden Light Trail that is happening at the Old Town Gardens from Friday 2nd - Saturday 31st December 2022.

What inspires the creative lighting features at the Enchanted Light Trail?

We take our inspiration from the immediate surroundings. Each area inspires a different “feel” and range of emotions.

How do you decide where the light trail route will go through the gardens?

This is a carefully researched process, with the route designed to include as many areas of natural beauty and architectural interest as possible, whilst ensuring the route is safe and accessible for all.

How long does it take to construct the Enchanted Light Trail?

The planning process starts almost as soon as the previous Trail has finished. This planning includes the purchase or manufacture of many bespoke pieces and will last for several months. The installation of all the equipment, cabling and bespoke structures takes around a week,.

Will the Enchanted Light Trail look the same as the previous year, or will there be some new features?

The Trail will look and feel quite different to last year. We are confident that repeat visitors will find many new features to love!

Were there any elements that you were particularly pleased with last year?

We were very satisfied with the overall hugely positive reception of the Trail, and the comments and suggestions from our guests have been borne in mind when designing this year’s Trail.

Were there any parts of the light trail you’d want to change for this year.

Most of the Trail has been changed from last year, but only to offer a new and unique experience.

Was there one feature which received the most positive comments/praise about from the public?

The Son et Lumière installation in The Bowl and the “Reflections” area featuring the mirror balls both received heaps of praise, as did the whole Trail, to be absolutely honest!


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