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TGtS Meets: Sam Bullas

Total Sport spoke to Swindon Wildcats fan favourite Sam "Bully" Bullas to get to know more about the man personally...

Hi Sam. Who or what got you involved in ice hockey?

"I got into hockey by my dad, he was a bit of a fan so we would go down and watch when I was really young so I got into it that way and I played my first match when I was six."

What was your first memory of hockey?

"My first memory would be going to Nottingham Ice Rink, it was one hell of a rink, there was such a good atmosphere so my first memory would be watching the Nottingham Panthers play there in a packed ice rink, it was brilliant."

How do you relax away from the rink?

"Well I work for the club as well, I do a lot of work with schools and stuff, we go to schools and coach them so that's always good fun and, other than that, we have such a busy schedule, I like to play other sports like football so I like to keep myself busy."

What would you say your favourite meal is?

"Favourite meal has to be macaroni and cheese, cooked by my mum, the best meal."

How about a boxset? Is anything keeping you glued to the sofa at the moment?

"I've got a few at the moment actually. I really like 'Dexter', that's one of my favourites."

And how about a favourite film of yours?

"Favourite film? Oooh, there's so many. It would probably have to be Gladiator"

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