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TGtS Meets...Aaron Nell

Swindon Wildcats' star forward Aaron Nell chats to TGt about his life on and off the rink.

How old were you when you first started playing Ice Hockey? What made you choose it as a hobby? How were you first introduced to the sport?

I first started playing ice hockey when I was 4 years old. My dad used to play for the wildcats, so I always wanted to follow in his footsteps! Given the family connection, my whole life has been focused around the sport, so I've never really known any different. 

What’s your mind-set during a game, do you have any pregame rituals?

During the build-up to a game I like to be as focused as possible. From the moment I get up, it's the only thing that I think about. I always eat at the same time, especially before home games. Once I get to the rink I always do the same warmup and I always go on to the ice after Jan Kostal.

Do you do anything during the summer to keep yourself conditioned for hockey season?

Yes I do, for hockey players the summer is very important to get stronger for the next season. I go to the gym about 4 or 5 times a week and I run alot. 

What do you think about the state of ice hockey in England? Do you think it’s becoming more popular?

In Swindon the sport seems to be getting bigger and bigger every year. We have the biggest junior club in the country and more and more people are coming to our home games. Unfortunately though, other towns aren't as lucky as we are. 

Which three words would your teammates use to describe you?

Fun, honest and hairy.

Who do you cite as your sporting idol?

Growing up my favourite hockey player was a Canadian, called Joe Sakic. He was everyone’s star player back in the day and I really enjoyed watching him play on T.V.

What is your most treasured possession?

My golf clubs! I love playing golf, especially in the summer when we get weekends off.

How do you spend your time when you’re not training or playing?

I spend my time off with friends and family or playing golf! All of the players get along really well so we spend quite a lot of time together too. 

You must have a pretty strict diet and fitness regime, what’s your food weakness?

Pizza and Cheesecake! I've always loved pizza - I know it’s not overly healthy but I just can't seem to resist it. 

What advice would you give to young, aspiring ice hockey players?

Work as hard as you can every day, be a good teammate and most importantly have fun and make the most of playing the best game in the world with your teammates.

Swindon Wildcats Ice Hockey

Swindon Wildcats

The Swindon Wildcats are Swindon's only Ice Hockey team playing in England's National Ice Hockey League (NIHL). Wildcats fixtures are played at the Better Link Centre in Swindon which has been the home of the Wildcats since the clubs inception in 1986.

The Link Centre , Whitehill Way , Swindon , Wiltshire, SN5 7DL

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