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PRESS CONFERENCE LIVE: Swindon v Stevenage

Live updates as Gavin Gunning speaks to the press ahead of Swindon Town hosting Stevenage in League Two. Total Sport's Joe Acklam reports live from the press conference.


No player today as they are about to get out onto the training pitch, so we will be back tomorrow evening (pitch permitting).


I asked Gunning about the previous match-up and if not playing makes any difference:

  • We have to assert ourselves and make sure we don't give them any more motivation than they already have
  • It could do as we are rested and they aren't

Gavin Gunning on Khan:

When they got a man sent off we changes things and released him. At times he will be a 4, he is great at taking the ball on the turn, and not many at this level can do that. He could play one level if not two. You sometimes have to give him a structure if we are playing a good team so we don't get hit on the counter. If he can be consistent then that will be great for us.


Gavin Gunning on balance:

As a young player if you are going to be a good player, you are going to have to fill in the picture yourself. My son is 12, he's looking to the side to see what the coaches are telling hi, but he has to get somewhere where he doesn't need that any more.


Gavin Gunning on lessons:

Often you learn from the bad more than the good. You look at the bad and think, I don't want to go there. I felt coaches didn't tell me the truth, so I have tried to be open and honest. For me that is massively important.


Gavin Gunning on personalities of a coach:

If you do the small details, you will be good at this level. But we don't want to just get away with stuff and focus on our strengths and their weaknesses. At home you want to focus on yourselves and get fans off their feet.


Gavin Gunning on new manager:

No idea. I have enjoyed it, I thank the club for this opportunity and we will see where it goes. When your first game ends up 5-0 it gets everyone excited, but we will see how the next game goes. Whatever the club wants to do is fine. I will take badges as quickly as possible and go from there. You have to take the negatives and positives and look for solutions.

I want to be a manager at a high level.


Gavin Gunning on leaving players out:

That is what happens if you want to be a top manager. You have to deal with people and explain the reasons for things. It can't be just 'you are not playing', it has to be constructive, explain their role.


Gavin Gunning on injuries:

Gladwin will be in the squad, it is just Clayton we are waiting on.


Gavin Gunning on using his playing career:

As a kid I was one of the best in England, but I didn't have the right attitude and because of that I had injuries. It was my own fault that I finished at 30.


Gavin Gunning on attitude:

It is application. You have to give the outline and they have to get the pens out and fill it in. In a game you have to adapt and see things fro yourself, it can't always be a coach. A lot of these guys have been at top academies. We have a great recruitment team to get these guys and they are taking it on board. Early on a lot of them didn't feature, but they are pushing their way through. It is just about watching as much football as you can, practice as much as you can, any little bit you can get then you should get it.


Gavin Gunning on physicality:

We have to focus on us, we are at home. I imagine they will mid-block it, but we will play quickly and see what we can do. We have to avoid body contact and keep a quick tempo. That is when they can be hurt.


Gavin Gunning on Stevenage:

They have had a right go this year, signed some quality players. I see them as the best team in the league at the minute. They are solid, don't concede goals and are a wrecking ball at set plays. Evans isn't everyone's cup of tea, but he has done a great job.


Gavin Gunning on Saturday:

Just not much. Watching Stevenage, straight onto it. When one game is off focus goes to the next one. We would have preffered to play, because we prepared to work and change things around. It is unfortunate. Hopefully we are playing tomorrow, all we can do is pre.


Good morning everyone. It is an early press conference for a match which hopefully goes ahead.


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