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PRESS CONFERENCE LIVE: Michael Flynn on pre-season

Follow along with live updates as Michael Flynn sits down with the media to discuss pre-season. Total Sport's Joe Acklam reports from the press conference.


That is all from today. His message was clear on budget and signings, hopefully you all feel slightly better now than before, but probably not.


I asked Flynn about whether he felt restricted by his budget, Lewis Ward's frame of mind, and the youth players:

  • If some of the clubs keep spending like they are then they won't be around for much longer. We are doing things sustainably, but the budget is good enough to compete.
  • Ward knows the situation and can leave if he wants, but he wants to play here
  • Brown and Hart have done very well, I don't know if they are ready for the full squad, but we will see what needs to be done if it is a loan or staying around

Michael Flynn on the job:

I am loving it. The atmosphere here has been really good. The players have given me everything. I was just on the phone with Clem and I am enjoying working with Jamie. The only thing that has been difficult has been I have only had two clear traffic days. We have had everything so far. That and the injuries.


Michael Flynn on Hutton:

For me there is interest but he is someone I want to keep. He is under contract and unless someone hits our valuation then he will be here.


Michael Flynn on his desired squad:

I usually work with 22 or 23, no more than 24. You always have two injuries at all times, whether that is long or short term. So 23 is an ideal number and hopefully no more than that.


Michael Flynn on one in one out:

No, it is not that. I am in a position where I don't want to waste budget. I inherited quite a big squad and that has given me time to figure out what we need. I will not sign someone just because they are available.


Michael Flynn on loans again:

A lot of Premier League clubs won't do anything until later in the window as they are on tours. They take them for numbers and don't make decisions early.


Michael Flynn on loans:

It depends who comes up and what is available. I will not take one for the sake of it. It dilutes the squad and they have to be good enough and will add something. If its five then that is good, but I have taken six in the past. It is about cost and if they improve us.


Michael Flynn on outs:

I hope there are possibilities as they need somewhere to go, but until then they are here training.


Michael Flynn on Ward:

He knows where he stands and it is not a priority. Keep patient, I know things are frustrating and hopefully today's will give them a lift.


Michael Flynn on JMT:

He was with us and did well, I am prioritising what we needed and Clayton wasn't injured then. I liked him but he was offered a very good deal. I don't look at it as him choosing them over us as if we offered him a contract he would be here. We had other priorities.


Michael Flynn on transfers:

Hopefully we will have one through the door today. It is not the one I said at Melksham. There will be more but they have to be the right players as I won't overpay. Players are going but the market is still slow.


Michael Flynn on boxing:

That was fitness. They had a tough week and got to go to Bath races as a squad and then did the boxing. We are trying to mix it up and get them to get outside their comfort zones. None of them are boxers.


Michael Flynn on fitness:

It is going to be 120 minute game tomorrow, which is handy as we can give the players 60 to 70 minutes game time.

Darcy and Minturn played some part on Saturday which was good and we have to see about where they are today. RHM played the first half. A lot of it with him was precaution and making sure nothing got worse and it looks like it is fine.


Michael Flynn on Bristol City and Hereford:

It will be two squads and we will look at some City youngsters for loan. I have a good relationship with them and have had some good players in the past. I am hoping for a good performance and no injuries, the result is meaningless. I want to see signs of understanding from the team.

I will make my mind up on who is where today.


Michael Flynn on injuries:

We had two injuries against Swansea. We are waiting on the full analysis on Clayton and that is anything from 6 to 12 weeks. Devine had a really bad hamstring tear and I think it will need surgery. When I was at Walsall he was going through that rehab and again last season. It will be a real test of character and all we can do it help him.

Swansea were kind enough to ultrasound scan both and we are waiting for an MRI on Clayton.


Michael Flynn on what he got from the game:

Against Supermarine and Melksham we had worked on having the ball and then Swansea and Bristol City we were without the ball.


Michael Flynn on Swansea:

The first half I was really happy with. We played some outstanding stuff and I think we were the better team. We conceded a poor goal right at the end of the half due to communication being not sharp enough. The patterns of play and understanding was good and we got in some good positions. The second was a lot different, we changed it around a lot, played the last 10 mins with ten.


We are in! The wait is over!


I am really glad that I am using my time on holiday to sit around waiting for this to start.


It would appear that the mugs in Beversbrook are rather sizeable. As are the ones in the Teams call for thinking this would start on time.


I am still here, but we are still waiting for Flynn's emergence.


Flynn is having a coffee and will be 15 minutes.


We are in and Flynn is imminent.


I am in the waiting room on the Teams call, just waiting for things to kick off in the next few minutes.


If anyone does have any questions then feel free to send them my way on Twitter, but I would imagine all of us are coming pre-loaded with stuff on transfers and the club's general state of frustration.


Good morning everyone. I am in an Air BnB in Aberaeron right now taking time out of my holiday and hoping that the WiFi works fine so that I can be part of the press conference with Michael Flynn. I am sure you can all guess what the main topics of discussion will be when we get going at 9am.


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