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PRESS CONFERENCE LIVE: Doncaster Rovers v Swindon Town

Follow along live as Michael Flynn speaks to the press ahead of Swindon Town facing Doncaster Rovers in League Two. Total Sport's Joe Acklam reports live from Beversbrook.


I asked Austin about helping Young with the rigours of being a scoring sensation and if Town can go for promotion:

  • I don't know too much about his time before, but being a striker is a lot about your situation and he is doing a great job
  • It is still to early to know. I don't see us being out of it, but you can't know yet

Charlie Austin on his role in the team:

It is my job to score goals. But if I don't make those other movements then that closes off things for Young and Kemp. That is how I see it. I also see myself in areas that are not goalscoring areas. I asked the question on Tuesday about it. We are winning so it doesn't really matter, but you are still looking at yourself. I don't know if they will change their focus. It just happens. Forest Green I had eight shots and the keeper saved them all, against Rochdale I hardly touched the ball and scored four. I have three assists, I set up Frazer and that was taken away from me and I set up Kempy.


Charlie Austin on staying balanced:

We play tomorrow and it is easy enough as it starts 0-0. When we played Forest Green, we could have won that 5-1, but now we are putting the chances away. We are still unbeaten and we went to Wrexham and gave them a good doing. I know Fozzy well and I spoke to him after and a few things he said made me think he might be thinking about it. I didn't see it within 48 hours, though.


Charlie Austin on his enjoyment:

I am really enjoying it. I am at the latter stage of my career and when you play with people who want to learn then it makes it easier. When we speak on the pitch, they listen.


Charlie Austin on the trio:

We don't really work on it. Honestly. When I was here before with Billy it just clicked in a reserve game and then we played at Carlisle and we went from there. We just know each other's game and it works. They are learning and reaping the rewards. Them two deserve every bit of the rewards, but it has been a big team effort. The opposition are worrying about where I go and if they follow me they leave Young on his own. Long may that continue. It is an exciting time, but we have all been at places that start well and then dip. You need to ride the crest of the wave with performance.


Charlie Austin on his game:

I feel good. What I offer to the team is more than just goals and I feel like I am helping Young and Kemp to express themselves. I would like to score more goals, but I am happy to help them. I would be lying if I said I didn't want to score, but I am happy with what we are doing. I have a good bond with those lads off the pitch and it seems to click on the pitch.


Charlie Austin on team spirit:

I think that is all the team needed. To be shown what is expected. The football world is moving fast and players hear a lot about things. When you have someone in charge who takes that away, then it is a good thing.


Charlie Austin on the new manager:

Everyone has bought into his ideas. The players have settled in very well and it is a hard working group. We could quite easily have won all four.


I asked Flynn about what impact there would be on Doncaster of their game against Everton and if anyone might be moving out:

  • They could take it one of two ways, they could be down after losing or respond well
  • Someone could move for more playing time, but we don't have enough to get rid of many

Michael Flynn on Doncaster:

I think it is a matter of time until they start climbing the table. They have a good squad and manager and hopefully they start that after our game.


Michael Flynn on Young:

He is a level headed lad. He is fine. He is not one who has walked in with a chip on his shoulder. It is great that he scored four, but he will want to score again tomorrow. I said to him that I don't care who scores as it is all about the team. It is nice to get individual accolades, but if we get ten and don't go up then it doesn't matter.


Michael Flynn on his style:

There is always stuff to learn and improve on. I have worked with the midfielders on closing the gaps when we press. It is about learning what to do when we go. Even last weekend, there were things we could improve on. I am not stupid enough to think everything is perfect and we can always improve until I am dead. Hopefully that is not yet.


Michael Flynn on injuries:

Kinsella is a bit of a doubt, he has felt something in his hamstring. He might miss tomorrow.


Michael Flynn on winning by 7:

I will take 1-0 all day. It is pleasing we are talking about this as it is exciting, but I would rather a comfortable controlled game.


Michael Flynn on Young:

He has been useless in training *laughs*.


Michael Flynn on goal scoring:

One more than the opposition. That is it. I wouldn't mind if we won every game 1-0 or 9-8. We are capable of clean sheets and we will see tomorrow.


Michael Flynn on Doncaster:

I don't think about turning crowds. It is the nature of the beast, everyone is expecting immediate results. You need time to build. I am not concerned about thw crowd there or anywhere else, I am thinking about how we can play.


Michael Flynn on consistency:

Possibly. It is a very competitive league and this year even more so. You have to try and get momentum with players and keep continuity. I didn't have that last season and hopefully it will change this season. I have a fantastic group who work hard day in day out.


Michael Flynn on highs and lows:

I hope it easy. I hope they watched Doncaster the other night as they were very good. They were the better team for 45 to 60 minutes. They worked hard. They have spent money and backed their manager, Grant has experience at a higher level. I think they are in a false position.


Michael Flynn on his squad:

We are going to need to be lucky with injuries. We have Clayton to come back, he would add another body. There are about 17 or 18 games until the next window. We will have to look out for them.

Don't think I am being coy, I am trying, but we are waiting for things. If we get them, you will find out soon.


Michael Flynn on Kemp and Young:

I haven't tried today. We have before, but it is a case of wait and see. I am not sure we will be able to get it done, but we will see.


Michael Flynn on transfers:

Quiet. One or two plates spinning, but that is it. We are where we are. I won't be signing players for the sake of it. We have asked about a few who are either not available or have gone elsewhere.

I don't know the exact time limit, as long as the paperwork goes in by 10:59 then it gets ratified. I have been there a few times, last January I was sat in a kit van at Salford. The window should have shut last night, everyone has games to prepare for. We are at a disadvantage when we are preparing. It has to be looked at.


There are a lot of people speaking into telephones here at Beversbrook. But that could be about a lot of things, if anything is needed from Sainsbury's, making plans for Sunday, etc.


Hello and welcome everyone. It is transfer deadline day and that will colour a lot of today's press conference, you would imagine. But there is the prospect of Doncaster Rovers to get ready for as well.


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