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PRESS CONFERENCE LIVE: Swindon v Crewe Alexandra

Live updates as Scott Lindsey speaks to the press ahead of Swindon Town hosting Crewe Alexandra in League Two. Total Sport's Joe Acklam reports live from the press conference.


That is all from today, we will be back on Saturday from around 2pm.


Angus MacDonald on Saturday:

Realistically with match fitness it will take a week or two but funnier things have happened.


Angus MacDonald on the injury:

I had the same injury four years ago but worse this time around. If things happen again you can never know, but it feels stronger than before.


Angus MacDonald on coaching:

I have to think about life after football and I have taken steps towards badges, but that is something I would deal with after football.


Angus MacDonald on watching the team:

It is easy as you watch training and what the manager does, so you know where people should be. Tranmere was near enough any of the crosses at the end could have gone in at the end so you are up and down all the time.


Angus MacDonald on the team:

They have built so much confidence since Harrogate, we have never really looked back. Stevenage away and the FA Cup spring to mind as set backs, but what I can see on building confidence is massive in such a long season. Bradford away was massive with everything that went on and then to do that and put in a performance like Mansfield was amazing,


Angus MacDonald on Jonah:

We are lining up another one, stay tuned. It was amazing.

Everyone plays their own different part, the kit men we deal with them all day every day and they have a great relationship with the boys and that is just a small snippet of what we get up to.


Angus MacDonald on being captain:

You can have more of an impact than you think. I am not one to mope around so it is about being positive.


Angus MacDonald on not playing:

I just take the dogs out and try and have down time. When I am here I try and stay around the lads as they can lift you.


Angus MacDonald on his recovery:

It is going better than expected. I am back training this week and it is so nice to be back around the boys. All I can do is keep fit and hopefully be back as soon as possible. We did a lot in the rehab process, it can't be fully emulated in that but only time will tell if my shoulder can handle being fallen on.


The wait for a player continues, I believe Iandolo is the target but head tennis takes priority.


We have just spoken to Jonah and credit to him, he did a great job of talking earnestly about that TikTok video. Very Scott Parker.


I asked Lindsey about the way they try and play out from the back and why relegated teams are struggling this season:

  • If you drop too deep then it invites teams on, so we look to push players higher to force the opposition back
  • The gap between the bottom of League One and the top of League Two is not as big as you would think, I would fancy our chances playing the teams at the bottom of League One

Scott Lindsey on Hutton:

He is one of our big threats. Today he has done bits with me at the end of the session to keep developing. He has been really aggressive and good quality in the final third. On Saturday he shoveled the ball in from too deep again, so we have worked on that again. If he gets in the crossing areas we back him to put good balls in and the strikers to make good runs.

I don't think it matters if it is the same on the left, we can attack in a different way from there and we do a lot of work with all the LBs on getting into those areas, but also coming inside.


Scott Lindsey on having a full week of training again:

I think historically that has worked for us and we look like we improve. I hope that is always the case, but it won't always be that way. We have to maintain this start through the Winter and hopefully we are still in a healthy position.


Scott Lindsey on new managers:

I think that the start is the most important thing. We have conceded inside ten minutes in the last three games. We want to be on the front foot and scoring goals early. Crewe have had two really good results and in both games I think they rode their luck and Colchester and Leyton Orient has big chances. It is a great start for him and they will be riding that crest of a wave.


Scott Lindsey on Jonah:

No I haven't seen it and have no idea what you are talking about. We have a good group and good staff. Jonah is a good character and the lads love him, Hoops too. Things happen all the time and it goes to show we have created a happy place and they work hard but are having fun.


Scott Lindsey on entertaining:

The spectacle is just as important for me. We want to play a brand of football where the fans are happy. There is a balance between dominance and being boring and sometimes we have gotten that wrong. Most games we have had control, but perhaps not enough goals to excite the crowd. Do we attack as often as we should? Possible not and we are working hard to do that. The performance means everything to us, we are a team that own the ball but we do want to score more.

Football management in general is results based. It is like that at every club and my job is no different, but we have an ethos where we want to play good football and that is important to the club. It helps in recruiting as Premier League clubs want to send players to us as we have that style.


Scott Lindsey on Crewe:

Lee Bell has come in and won the last two, they are possession based and have a good 'keeper who can play with his feet as well as anybody. We have a plan to dominate ourselves, so we will see.

It does feel a bit different having a side like that come here, it is nice to play a team who try and play as it gives you different things to consider. It gives us more work to do and I am more than happy to do it.


Scott Lindsey on back three:

WE were ten yards too deep in our build. We don't become an attacking threat when that happens and we have done a lot of work on it, to correct it.

We were slow and ponderous in our build and not fast from the start like we want to be.


Scott Lindsey on Wakeling:

I don;t think the goal drought got to him. It maybe did impact himself, but he didn't show it. He kept working hard. If any striker does go through a dry period it does play on their mind, but it didn't show.


Scott Lindsey on formations:

I think that what is important is to try and get continuity, I am not someone who likes to chop and change, I would like to settle on a formation. We played 433 for a number of weeks and it did us good, we went 9 unbeaten, but Wakeling suited playing up the middle and Jephcott can't play wide, so those two playing as a pair who cause problems to anyone, so whether that is a 352, diamond, or 442 that is down to me. We want to have and overload in the middle as well, because that is important.

I think Jephcott and Wakeling have become a pair and are doing good things in training with understanding and know each other's movements.


Scott Lindsey on injuries:

Only one more to report. Shade has had niggle with his hamstring, he has been introduced back into bits of training this week. RHM coming into bits of training but is weeks away, MacDonald and Clayton are in almost all of training and next week should be back to normal.

Shade dropped out of training on Thursday, and it is a low grade hamstring that we have worked on and nurtured this week and has slowly been integrated. He is a good impact player, but I think he has more in his tool bag to be a starter for us, we just want to get him up to speed and push him to be a starter as he offers something different. We just need to channel his ability into performance.


Scott Lindsey loves my trousers. 1-0 Joe.


Scott Lindsey will be with us shortly to answer questions ahead of the League Two clash.


Good afternoon everyone. After being away from home for many weeks, it is a second consecutive home game for Town this weekend as the acceptable face of Staffordshire/Cheshire area football in Crewe Alexandra will visit SN1.


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