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Bang & Olufsen Swindon bring us Play time...

Bang & Olufsen of Swindon have brought the new B&O PLAY range to Wiltshire! Bang & Olufsen products are usually at the higher end of the pricing range. So you’ll be surprised to hear that the new B&O PLAY collection boasts seemingly affordable price tags!

We're going to be trialling the products and even giving YOU the chance to try and review some! PLUS we'll have a pair of A8 Earphones up for grabs too! Here's a sneak peak of the latest Bang & Olufsen range below!

BeoPlay V1

First up, in the new range is the BeoPlay V1! This isn’t a regular television by any stretch of the imagination. The beauty of Bang & Olufsen products is that they’re versatile and made to last. And as opposed to working against other technology, they actually work with it to optimise your viewing pleasure. After seeing this bad boy we wondered how we ever lived without one!

Not only can it can be wall hung, there are also desktop and floor stands. Plus there's the coolest method yet. You can hang it from the ceiling by wires. It’s as if all our techie dreams have come true!

The set itself comes in two different sizes, 32 and 40 inches and if you’re worried it won’t match your décor; fear not, it also boasts a fantastic customization feature. You can change the colour behind the speaker grill for a subtle yet personalised effect!

If there’s one thing we know about Bang & Olufsen products it’s that they have amazing sound quality. The BeoPlay V1 is definitely no exception. This combined with the stunning visual display makes for a truly special bit of kit! 

BeoPlay A3

Make your iPad heard with the BeoPlay A3 speaker! If you’re like us you like your music LOUD, and we all know the volume on most Apple products is a little bit naff. The speaker ingeniously tucks the Ipad away inside itself and blasts out all of your favorite playlists and albums in fantastic quality!

The brilliant design basically means that you can stand the BeoPlay A3 speaker in both landscape and portrait mode, which is ideal for scrolling through your music library or browsing YouTube for all the latest music videos. It’s really easy to pop your Ipad in and out as well, all you have to do is press the handy latch on the back and you’re away.

BeoPlay A8

If you’re tired of being chained to a plug socket and want a wireless speaker with a bit of clout then the BeoPlay A8 is definitely for you. This stylish piece of kit uses a bit of software called “Air Play” it cleverly detects and connects to your Apple devise and beams out your music wirelessly! How practical is this?

One of our favourite features is the acoustic settings. You’ve got the ability to optimise your A8’s performance no matter where you position it. There’s options for walls, corners and freestanding too! So no matter where you put it, you’ll never have to compromise on quality! And if you’re running low on battery, fear not, there’s also a docking connector to charge your iPhone or iPad too.

BeoLit 12

We know what you’re thinking; no it’s not a mini cool box. It’s actually another of Bang & Olufsen’s latest offerings and it’s potentially one of the coolest yet! Much like the A8 it utilizes Apple’s “Air Play” streaming technology, so you don’t have the hassle of unsightly wires and it’s 10 times more convenient too! It’s also completely portable and the battery life is nothing shy of amazing; it just keeps going and going. (well, for 8 hours at least)

And believe it or not, it gets even better! If you’re bored of just one of your friend’s playlist’s, then why not let everybody get involved. You’ve got the chance to become the DJ, all you have to do is wait for a song to finish, choose the BeoLit 12 speaker from your Apple devise and start taking requests! It’s as easy as that!

If you like what you’ve heard be sure to head down to Bang & Olufsen and check all of these technological wonders for yourselves! Or click here to visit the official Bang & Olufsen of Swindon site!

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