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Top 10 Features to Have in Your Garden

Although we love a beautiful display of vibrant flowers and plants, gardens are made for much more than just flowers! Putting a garden feature into your garden can really add personality and bring your garden to life!

Here are our 10 favourite garden features to have in your garden this summer!

Summer house
A summer house is the perfect place to hold your summer barbecues and gatherings, giving you somewhere to put the food to protect it from the uninvited guests. It also allows you to keep warm when the sun goes down and the temperature has dropped. Decorate it with comfortable chairs, cushions and blankets and it’ll be the perfect cosy corner to relax with friends and family!

Pond with cascading waterfall
Building a pond with a stunning cascading waterfall will give you somewhere to keep fish and make your garden look spectacular! Not only are they easy on the eye, the sound of water has a calming effect, making it the perfect addition to your relaxing summer evenings!

Fire Burner
Fire burners are the perfect way to keep warm after the summer sun has gone down, whilst also giving your garden that extra personality. They're much safer than an open fire too - Just make sure you put it out before leaving your garden!

Lighting can be a simple yet effective way of taking your garden from dull to striking! Adding a few lights to your seating or decking area, or under your flowers can really spruce your garden up! Not only does it look amazing, it also lights your garden up once the evening falls!

Adding a statue will add your individual personality and touch to your garden, making it look more like your garden, rather than a display seen in a garden centre.

There are so many different fountains to choose from. If you’re feeling creative you could even build your own! Fountains bring life to your garden and, similar to a pond, they’re a garden centre piece with the calming sound of water - bound to help you to relax after a long day at work!

Sounds a bit odd right? If you fill an urn with water it can make a beautiful, eye-catching garden feature, without being too overbearing. It can also make a great bird bath too.  

Canoe water feature
Fancy adding something a bit different to your garden? Bring your garden to life with a canoe water feature! Adding water, plants and fish to a canoe can make a stunning addition to your garden and you can add whatever you like to see what works for you.

Vine Garden
Does your garden get alot of sun during the hottest part of the day? A vine garden can make a spectacular shaded area for you to enjoy a nice glass of wine, whilst almost making you feel like you’re in the Mediterranean, depending on our English weather, of course!

Terrace Area
A raised terrace area overlooking a stunning view is an absolute favourite! It’s perfect for relaxation with the family or a summer gathering, to enjoy good food, good wine and even better company!

So, if you’re looking to spruce up your garden, why not check out our Landscaping and Gardening companies in Swindon to give you a helping hand?

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