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8 Ways to Save Time & Money When Moving

Moving home is always stressful. According to The Daily Express moving provokes even more anxiety than divorce or starting a new job. If you can find ways of reducing the amount of money and time that moving entails, then you can reduce your stress levels. Here are eight tips that can help you.

Planning Your Move
Moving to a new home is the perfect time for having a grand clear up. You don’t want to move with boxes full of questionable clutter so use your move as an occasion to sort out ‘stuff.’ Objects that you want to keep but don’t have space in your home can be safely stored with Alligator Storage. You’ll cut down on time if you only pack those items that you can use in your new abode.

Pack Wisely
If you want to save time make sure that you label every box that you are using. If you mark the boxes clearly with their chosen room destination you won’t waste time on arrival trying to work out what should go where.

Removal Costs
If you don’t have too many possessions you could simply hire a van for the weekend and carry out the move yourself. Alternatively, if the idea of lugging heavy boxes doesn’t appeal to you, then get moving quotes from a range of moving companies. Never simply accept the first quote that you are offered, prices do vary. Some companies will even pack up your goods for you if your time is really at a premium.

Farm Out the Kids
Look after your sanity and your children by letting them stay with friends on removal day. You’ll be worried enough about the move and you won’t want to deal with tantrums and other tensions while you’re trying to organise yourself and your possessions.

Take Meter Readings
You certainly don’t want to pay for utility bills in your old home once you’ve moved on. Take meter readings on the day you move out and send these to your utility companies. Inform your broadband and WiFi supplier that you have moved and ask them to install their services at your new home. These actions will reduce your stress and save money.

Look for a Utility Deal
Moving house is the perfect time to shop around for a new deal with a utility company. This applies to water as well as gas and electricity companies. Tell your current provider that you are thinking of switching and they may come up with a cheaper deal for your new home.

Furnishing Your New House
Not everyone has plenty of furniture. Don’t dash out and buy new sofas and chairs to fill empty rooms. Have a look at the websites ‘Gumtree,’ or ‘Freecycle’ to see what you can acquire for nearly nothing. You’ll be pleasantly surprised at the quality of these goods.

Saving Money in the Long Term
If you’re renting, then you’ll be expected to pay a deposit. Photograph the interiors and exteriors of house the moment that you are given the key in order to register the property’s condition. Also make sure that your deposit is registered with the government's tenancy deposit scheme. This will save time and money when you move on.

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