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7 Tips To Get Best Value For Money Out Of Your Self Storage from UK Storage Company

Are you moving house, renting somewhere or buying your first home? Do you need to put some household items into storage for a while? Take some expert tips from the guys at UK Storage Company to take the stress away.

1. Use a Man and Van Service

Nearly always cheaper than a removals company a man and van service know how to pack – they’ve done it many times before. This comes in particularly useful when using self-storage. They can get you in to a smaller room than maybe you could and that means cheaper storage costs. Using either of these generally means any extra you pay for them to move you is saved on the smaller storage costs over time – a win in our book.

2. Leave Behind Those Items You Don’t Need

If you think that everything you store or move costs you money then you start to get in a better mindset. Take any items you’ve not used or aren’t going to use, to a charity shop or recycling centre. If you don’t have the time before you move (and that’s most of us) then sort through your items once they’re in storage. Most storage companies will let you move up or down the size of room you use and even better they will start charging you a lower rent as soon as you move down a size.

3. Be Realistic How Long You’ll Be There

If you think you’re going to only be using self-storage for two weeks then it will probably be four weeks at the minimum! So take this in to account when comparing costs. Some offer introductory offers, what will the price be after that? Would you be better on a longer term deal? Ask them if they will give you a price for staying 6 or 12 months if you that’s the plan.

4. Remember To Give Notice

Nearly all storage companies require you to give notice and it can vary in how long and how from company to company. Make sure you know how much you need to give and then remember to do it. They need to plan who they are going to rent the room to next and so use your notice period as a guide. So far we haven’t heard of anyone being thrown out of a storage company when their notice period is up so don’t worry if that date may change. If you don’t give notice you generally pay for the amount of days that you were supposed to notify them.

5. Reserve Your Room

Most self-storage firms allow you to reserve a room, often for a refundable deposit. So as soon as you find the best deal get it on reserve. As well as giving you peace of mind it often also locks in whatever offer or price they’ve given you. Meaning if their prices go up you still pay the price you reserve at and probably more importantly it means you don’t turn up to find out they’re full – and this does happen more often than you might imagine. House moving is full of peaks and troughs so one second there’s availability and the next second there’s no more space at the inn.

6. Make Sure You Have The Right Size Room

We’ve seen customers turn up and not even fill half of the space they’ve booked – that’s a lot of fresh air they’re paying to store. We’ve also seen the opposite, booking a 30 sq. ft. room thinking it was 30 ft. in length and not the 6 foot x 5 foot it was in reality. They then had brought stuff with them they could have got rid of. If in doubt give the place you are hoping to store a call, they should be able to advise you certainly between two sizes if not spot on as to what you need.

7. Use UK Storage Company!

Well we would say that but we check competitor prices to make sure we’re competitive, aiming to be the lowest in the market for our type of storage. We even offer a price guarantee – we’ll beat any like for like quote including offers.

See their website for more details and to make any enquiries: http://www.ukstoragecompany.co.uk/storage-swindon>

UK Storage Company

22-23 Westmead Industrial Estate, Swindon, SN5 7YT

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