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Luxury car technology to be rolled out across Hyundai range by end of 2020

Technology typically found on luxury cars will be available on all Hyundai models by the end of 2020, the manufacturer has announced.

The news has been welcomed by Swindon dealership Pebley Beach, which says that Bluelink connectivity between the car and the manufacturer is great news for customer safety and convenience.

Hyundai’s state-of-the-art Bluelink combines intelligent automotive and IT technologies in order to provide greater comfort, safety and convenience to drivers of the brand’s vehicles.

Bluelink connects drivers to their cars through their smartphones via the Bluelink app. 

The app’s features allow customers to check the status of their vehicle, as well as offering a control mode function to make it easy for them to keep track of their car and send remote commands anytime, from anywhere.

Thanks to Bluelink, drivers can stay in control of their car even when they are not inside the vehicle. 

The app allows users to lock and unlock car doors from the comfort of their own living room, or on their way to the car park as they finish work. 

They will also receive a push notification on their smartphone if they forget to lock the car. 

Using the Find My Car function, customers can also remotely locate their car as the vehicle’s location is displayed on the map within the smartphone app – the feature also incorporates activation of horn and lights so customers can easily see their car even in a crowded area – and making vehicles less attractive to thieves.

Meanwhile, the in-vehicle diagnostic system check feature provides important information to the driver. 

And in the case of a more serious road incident resulting in the airbag sensors being triggered the eCall feature automatically contacts emergency services.

Pebley Beach managing director Dominic Threlfall said: "Drivers of luxury cars are already used to being able to remotely defrost their car on a cold winter morning while they eat their breakfast, or activating the air conditioning before they leave the office in the afternoon. 

"Now the same technology is available to drivers of Hyundai models including the Kona hybrid and EV and the Ioniq family. 

"And as the product lineup is refreshed throughout 2020, Bluelink will be available to customers of all models who choose the new optional onboard Audio Video Navigation system that comes with 10.25-inch touchscreen.

"It's just another example of Hyundai creating a better driving experience for its customers."

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Pebley Beach Hyundai & Suzuki

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