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Five tell-tale signs you might need to buy a new car

It’s easy to become attached to your car, especially if you’ve owned it for years. However, this doesn’t mean you should justify breaking the bank just to keep it on the roads. In the following guide, we’ve included five sure signs that you should think about replacing your motor.

1. Your car keeps breaking down

Perhaps you’ve had repeated issues with your brakes, or you’ve been taking the car back to the garage for another issue time and time again. If that’s the case, you’ll probably be best off thinking about getting a new vehicle.

Make sure you negotiate during the buying process for your next vehicle, especially if you’re buying from the same garage. Whether you choose to pay via their finance scheme or with an alternative to quick online loan you’ve sorted yourself, try to ensure you get the best price possible.

2. You’re refuelling more than usual

If you’re making more trips to the fuel station than usual, it could be a sign that something’s not right. When an increase in your car’s fuel consumption is accompanied by a decrease in acceleration and power, you could have a faulty fuel pump.

According to the most recent report on motoring by the RAC, one in four UK drivers are significantly concerned about the cost of fuel. With soaring fuel prices showing no signs of slowing, now is the worst time to keep hold of a car that’s already costing you a fortune.

3. Your car insurance is more expensive

If you’ve noticed a steady increase in your insurance premium every time you renew, it could be down to the age of your vehicle. Why spend more keeping and maintaining a car that could be potentially unreliable when you could replace it with a newer, more cost-effective choice?

Making the switch to an electric vehicle, for instance, could be the best choice for your finances. Drivers who go all-electric could save an average of £3,862 over a seven-year ownership period, highlighting the economic advantage of going for a greener car.

4. Your car doesn’t suit your lifestyle

Whether you’re busy with a new hobby or thinking of starting a family, it’s important to have a car that helps you with your daily routine. For instance, if the space in your boot is suddenly too small for your luggage or getting ready is a hassle every morning, it’s almost certainly time to upgrade to a bigger car.

5. You don’t feel safe in your car

Every car has its quirks, but if the strange noises under the bonnet start to make you feel uneasy during every journey you take, it could be time to buy a new car. Knocks, bangs and rattles sometimes come with age, but it’s likely that they point to an underlying issue and shouldn’t be ignored.

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