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TGt Meets...Phil Hawkins, Producer & Singer in Rock For Heroes

Rock For Heroes are performing at the Wyvern Theatre on the 10th of January and we got the chance to ask Phil Hawkins, producer and singer in Rock For Heroes just how excited he is for this magnificent performance!

How did you start your career in music?

I started my music career in a band at 14 called Mosaic and toured the UK for several years and had the time of my life. This then took a complete trun, leading me to train in Musical Theatre and becoming part of the team at Potters, along with many other contracts.

Why are you so passionate about the Help For Heroes charity?

With my Father being a Paratrooper, 1 Grandfather in the Marines and the other in the RAF both serving in the Second World War, I always thought this is what I would do, then discovered Music & girls at 14 and everything changed. My dad once said to me ‘We never did, what we did because we hated what was in front of, but loved what left behind’ something that has always stuck with me. I will do my everything within my power, to make sure the men and women who lay themselves down are never forgotten and aim to raise 2.5 million in the long run.

Is rock and pop your favourite genres of music?

They certainly are, along with Country Rock too. My favourite band are The Eagles and The Beach Boys.

Are you excited to be visiting Swindon? Is it your first time performing in Swindon?

We are excited, this is the first time we are bringing Rock For Heroes to the Wyvern Theatre.

How have you prepared for your performance at the Wyvern Theatre on the Friday the 10th of January?

We will be continue to rehearse, ready for the new year. On top of that we will be continue to tour the UK until the beginning of December J

What would you have been if you weren’t a musician?

If I weren’t a musician, I always wanted to be in the army or join the police. With all the men in my family serving, I thought this what would do, but things all changed and I love what I do.

Do you still get nervous to perform? If so, what do you do to calm your nerves?

There is all always a little bit of nerves but this is a good thing, leading up to the show starting. But always a cup of tea to calm me down.

What was your favourite thing about touring?

My favourite thing, has to be working with my friends on stage every night. We have so much fun. The other thing would be meeting the audiences, we hear some incredible stories and met some amazing people all of the UK.

What’s been the highlight of your career so far?

It would have to be making my Dad proud. He’s my best friend and to hear him say that, after all of this work through the year, makes it the biggest highlight for me.

Who are your 3 inspirations?

My Mum, My Dad and Freddie Mercury. A random mix, I know, so true.


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