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Cotswold Lakes Brew Co

Cotswold Lakes Brew Co. making their beers, and business, a force for good.

Whilst their focus is on brewing the very best beers, the team at Cotswold Lakes Brew Co. (CLB) has a passion for building sustainability into every element of their operation. Nowhere more so than in the ingredients used to produce their award-winning beers.

Each brew has a proportion of the malted barley replaced with surplus fresh bread sourced from local businesses; ‘upcycling’ leftover loaf ends that would otherwise go to landfill. Using less barley helps reduce the carbon footprint of their beers, saving some of the land, water, and energy needed to grow, produce, and transport the malt.

Their range features traditional beer styles, such as Best Bitter and Porter, alongside a modern Pale Ale, a classic Kolsch-inspired lager, and a delicious Cotswold Blonde brewed with Belgian ale yeast and local honey.

Take a look at their beers here, or to find out more please email [email protected] or visit their website here.

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