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TGT Meets... Ryan Walker, Chief of Sport for Total Sport Swindon

We're excited to introduce Ryan Walker, the newest addition to Total Sport Swindon. We get to know our new Chief of Sport a little bit better, both as a journalist and what he gets up to during his down-time.

What’s your background in Sports Journalism?
Whilst attending college over four years ago, I realised my passion for sports journalism. I started writing in the Swindon Robins race-day programme before eventually becoming Total Sport Swindon’s Speedway writer. I have had work published by TotalSport, MailOnline, and Tibs news.

Which sports are you most passionate about?
I love all sports! But, I am most passionate about football, speedway, rugby, and boxing.

How would you describe the sporting scene in Swindon as a whole?
Swindon has a thriving sporting scene with so much variety. Whether it be STFC, Swindon Speedway, or the Swindon Wildcats, there is always something sport related going on in Swindon.

If you could interview three sportspeople from and time, who would they be and what would you ask them about?
Cristiano Ronaldo – You have now won five Champions League titles, which of those titles means the most to you and why?

Ayrton Senna – After a poor start which saw you drop further down the grid, how did you manage to produce one of the greatest races ever in your European Grand Prix win of 1993?

Sir Alex Ferguson – You won 38 trophies over your 26 year career as Manchester United manager, would you class yourself as the greatest football manager ever?

What do you expect from Swindon Town in the 2018/19 season?
Phil Brown has had a whole summer to familiarise himself with the club and bring in players to make the team his own. Promotion is the aim, and anything less would most likely be seen as a failure.

What can Total Sport Swindon readers expect from you in the 2018/19 season?
Total Sport readers can expect to see a variety of new and exciting content that will give them a fresh new look on everything STFC. One addition is that we will be starting player interviews that will allow readers to hear the thoughts of their favourite players.

I am a creative writer who is constantly bringing fresh ideas to my content in order to keep readers engaged and interested.

Name two things you want to stay the same, and two things you want to see change for the upcoming campaign
Stay the same:

Phil Brown to remain in charge for the entirety of the season. The ex-Premier League manager has the experience and knowledge to guide Swindon back to League One and it’s important he is trusted to do so.

The style of play should stay the same as well. Under Brown, Swindon displayed elements of the fast-paced attractive football that can unlock an opposition defence. More of this is needed but it’s certainly something that Swindon should look to build on.


A cup run would be a fantastic change this season. The obvious focus must be on the league and securing promotion, but a cup run in either the Carabao or the FA Cup would be great for the club. A successful run would put confidence into the team, which would only help the league campaign.

More winning consistency would be a great change for the club after they struggled to build on wins last season. A good winning streak helps the side to build confidence which should eventually lead to automatic promotion for Swindon.

Your earliest footballing memory?
Attending my first Manchester United match with my dad at the age of five. He was a season ticket holder and I managed to sneak in under the turnstiles to watch the match!

When you’re not reporting on the sport, what are you normally up to?
If not reporting on sport, you will usually find me playing sport. I play rugby, cricket, football, and boxing in my spare time.

Where can Total Sport Swindon readers find you on social media?
TotalSport readers can find me on Twitter at @Ryan_Walker14 and on Instagram at @Ryan_walker1996


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