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How to Save Time and Money When Selling Your Home

Last year, selling a property cost the average Brit £3,000 in fees, plus up to 3.5% of the final sale price for the estate agent... ouch!

So, it stands to reason that savvy homeowners will be doing all they can to save time and money when the 'for sale' sign goes up. “Sell my house fast?” you ask. Well, you could use these tips and tricks…
Register your interest with services 
Services like We Buy Any Home if you like the idea of your house being purchased within seven days. If you’re happy to sell to them they’ll even pay your legal fees too. You can receive a free quote detailing what they’re prepared to pay if you enquire, and there’s no obligation to sell. Just do your homework first and make sure you’re comfortable with the process, the rights and responsibilities of both parties, and the price they’re offering you. 
Make a private sale
Private selling between you and the potential buyer can save you lots of money in fees and admin charges. However, it’s risky: you’ll be responsible for setting the price, marketing the property, arranging and conducting viewings, negotiating offers, processing the sale, and liaising with mortgage companies, conveyancers and solicitors – so make sure you can handle it all if you go down this route.
Haggle with estate agents
If you’d like to use an estate agent after all, negotiate their fees. Get three or four quotes regarding their charges and lock-in periods. Remember, agencies want your business, so tell them if you’ve been offered a cheaper deal elsewhere. You’re in a powerful position: don’t settle!
Do some mystery shopping by asking a friend or family member to pose as a prospective buyer
Ask for properties with a similar specification to yours and see if the agency recommends yours – and check the manner in which they promote it. If you’re not happy with their services, find a different agent!
Use multiple agencies
You don’t usually have to list your property with one agency only – they’d prefer you to, but if you’re not happy with their services, tell them you’re going to market your home with a rival agency too. If they hike up their fees, leave: your contract with the agency is likely to have a get out clause if investigated early enough.
Research solicitors
Get written confirmation of charges from various legal firms, and use it to form an opinion of them – are they helpful? Pleasant? Easily contactable? Straightforward and efficient? Pick a solicitor you’re impressed with: they hold lots of power when it comes to the amount of time it takes to process the selling of your house.
Get your house sale-ready
One of the reasons houses stay on the market too long is that they’re not very desirable. Try to be objective about your property and view it through the eyes of a stranger: does it need updating? Are there any structural problems putting buyers off? Do some extra work before you put it on the market and you might find it fetches a higher price and spends less time in limbo.
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