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Total Guide to the Guinness Six Nations Championships

Total Guide to the Guinness Six Nations Championships

The Guinness Six Nations is an annual international competition between teams from England, France, Ireland, Italy, Scotland and Wales. Take a look below to see our Total Guide to the Guinness Six Nations Championships, where you can find out the best places to watch the match!

The Guinness Six Nations begins on Saturday 1st February 2020, kicking off with Wales vs Italy at 2:15pm

So, where can you watch the match and what top five things do you need to enjoy it?

Best places to watch it

Steam Railway

A former coaching inn the Steam Railway is centrally located in Old Town and serves Wadworths ale. A large part of the pub is devoted to the streaming of live sports coverage and music. The pub itself received a major refurbishment last year and is much improved in its offering.

The Castle

The Castle is a traditional backstreet pub offering a warm welcome and large TV screen streaming live sports. A lively place especially when Ireland are playing, The Castle is guaranteed to deliver one of the top five things you need when watching the Six Nations – a great atmosphere.

Longs Bar

A modern bar, offering Arkells beer, cocktails and food as well as streaming significant sports events. A popular spot for those looking for an alternative to the traditional pub offering.

The Queen’s Tap

Located opposite Swindon train station The Queen’s Tap is ideally located for locals and visiting friends to meet up, watch a game and share a pint.

Check out our full Where to Watch Sport guide HERE!

Top 5 things you need to enjoy the six nations

1/ A team shirt and accessories

Immerse yourself in the game and show your support with a team shirt.

The Six Nations is a six- week commitment not a one-off match. So, wear your team’s shirt, paint your face but remember if you are going to wear or use accessories like hats or foam fingers – they must not obstruct the screen!

2/ Key phrases

Whether you are new to the match or a seasoned viewer when watching with a crowd, utilise your key rugby phrases.

  • “Good hands.”
  • “Get it over the Gain Line.”
  • “Release man, release.”
  • “He’s just guessing now.” – reference to the referee at a scrum.
  • “There’s just so much kicking these days, run with the ball!”
  • “If you ain’t got the cattle, you ain’t got the cattle” – a phrase used by losing Australian coaches.

3/ Drinks and snacks

Aside from a pint of Guinness and a pack of pork scratchings. The perfect accompaniment to a match is non-smelling (if you are in a pub) snacks that require no cutlery and can be consumed by hand – chips, pies and nuts. If at home there is an element of flexibility but keep it simple – pizza slices, loaded nachos, or a platter of nibbles.

4/ Atmosphere

You may not be spectating the match live at the venue. However, you can channel the event. A good pub and crowd will provide the right atmosphere and camaraderie of the game, making you, no longer a fan alone, but part of a team of followers. Shared experience is the key to feeling alive, and we can think of no better way than watching a match with fellow fans.

5/ The fixture list and rules

The Guinness Six Nations Championships is of six teams, playing five rounds of matches. With each team playing each other once. Giving a total of fifteen matches over six weeks.

Points are awarded as follows;

  • Four Match points for a win. Or five Match points for four tries or more.
  • Losers receive no points. However, one Matchpoint is awarded if four tries or more are scored, or the margin loss is seven points or fewer. And, two Matchpoints, if the loser scores four tries or more and loses by a margin of seven points or fewer.
  • Unions that draw a Match shall each be awarded two Match Points and any of them that scores four tries or more in the process shall be awarded a further one Match Point.
  • A “Grand Slam” (the winning of five of a Union’s matches) is awarded an additional three Match Points.
  • The champions are those who have the highest amount of match points. While the other Unions are placed in descending order according to their Match Points.

The fixture list can be found here

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