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PRESS CONFERENCE LIVE: Swindon Town v Forest Green Rovers

Good morning Swindon Town fans and welcome to another press conference live blog as Swindon host League Two leaders Forest Green Rovers at the County Ground tomorrow evening. Join Total Sport Swindon's Ryan Walker from 8.25am as he speaks to Swindon Head Coach Ben Garner.


That concludes today's press conference. Thank you for joining us.


Garner on transfer budget:

"Not as yet [I haven't been informed of a budget]. They are ongoing conversations and we have an idea of what we think it will be, but I'm also very realistic in terms of the position the club is in and what was inherited. All I will ever ask for is honesty and I have had that from day one. Whatever the budget is for next season I will be told upfront and from there me and Ben Chorley can get on with the job."


Garner on transfer targets for L1 and L2:

"We haven't [got separate list], we want players who can play in either league and we have done that this season by recruiting players who think will thrive if we go up and we will do the same again this summer. All that might happen is that the pool we are fishing in might become a lot bigger if we are in League One. Our recruitment and type of player we want to bring to the club doesn't change."


Garner on Swindon's transfer embargo:

"No [I don't have much news on it.] It's something that will be addressed at the end of the season. We have a good idea of where we think we are going to be and are planning accordingly. We have a recruitment meeting this week and will be narrowing down on our targets and what we want to do moving forwards next season. There is still a period to go this season and what happens over the next 3/4 weeks will dictate what happens at certain clubs and what that means for their players and who becomes available."


Garner on McKirdy's season:

"He has had a fantastic season from where he was coming in on a trial and being at a crossroads in his career he has now had a huge positive impact on his career and his life. He has shown his talent and needs to now have that ambition to improve. He is desperate to get us into the playoffs and that uplift he has had needs to keep going."


Garner on Swindon's atmosphere against FGR:

"The better the atmosphere the more an intimidating place it becomes for the opposition. We want them to come here and not look forward to playing as they know it will be a difficult game. I strongly encourage every supporter coming tomorrow to support these players, lift them and they will thrive off the back of that."


Garner on Swindon's second-half goals:

"It's difficult to score early in a game for any team and you see that trend across leagues. Teams are usually fresh and fitter at the start of the game and the way we play means we score lots in the second-half. We make the opposition run a lot and that leads to opportunities further down the line. We would like to score more goals early on and its about trying to do so but also understanding that if we don't then there is no need to panic."


Garner on McKirdy's home crowd comments:

"I thought Harry spoke brilliantly and with great intelligence. He was absolutely spot-on where we and the fans have to meet halfway. We have to provide the entertainment to get the fans going but the fans have to help get the players going. We want positivity all round and hopefully we can make tomorrow night a special atmosphere and get the the three points that we really need."


Garner on squad for next season:

"We need to create a core here and have that core group of players who set that tone that when new players arrive they know the standards. We have a decent core now and we need to grow that over the next few seasons to try and move through the divisions. Hopefully moving forward beyond this summer we will see fewer turnarounds with players and we would like a situation where you are just making minor changes then that shows you are moving in the right direction."


Garner on Forest Green:

"You look at the past few seasons and they have been pushing for promotion consistently. Rob has done a great job since going in there and they have some really good players. They are one of the fittest teams in the league without a doubt and they have had that added extra of having front players who score goals for them. They are a strong collective group and deserve their promotion without a shadow of a doubt."


Garner on Baudry retiring:

"I think he is taking games as if it's his last and that is his mentality and a good place to be in. He trains like a 21-year-old everyday and sometimes we have to pull him out of some training elements with the age he is. He's playing really well at the moment."


Garner on McKirdy and Wollacott being in League 2 Team of the season:

?"It's well-deserved for both of them and there is probably a case for one or two others. Congratulations to both of them and anyone who gets into them deserve to be there. I think there is huge data used in the selection with whoscored being used and then the judges so it will also be opinionated."


Garner on JoJo:

"We have to see how he reacts today and he did a fair bit of a training yesterday that was a big step up. If he can come through today then he can come back into the squad."


Garner on injuries:

"JoJo trained a little bit yesterday and we will step that up today and see how he is. We had another player who had a sore knee yesterday and we will see where he is. Everyone else is as they were."


Ben Garner has now joined us.


We are in the Zoom call and waiting for Ben Garner to join us shortly.


Good morning and thank you for joining us for this morning's Swindon Town press conference ahead of Swindon's penultimate home fixture against Forest Green Rovers tomorrow evening.

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