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PRESS CONFERENCE LIVE: Port Vale (1) v (2) Swindon Town

Good morning and welcome to your midweek play-off press conference live blog where this moring we will be joined by Swindon Town Head Coach, Ben Garner ahead of his side's trip to Port Vale in the second leg of the League Two play-offs tomorrow. Join Total Sport Swindon's Ryan Walker below from 8.30am.


That concludes today's press conference. Thank you for joining us.


Garner on being more clinical:

"We always want to be more clinical and take as many chances as we can. We will create changes and cause them problems in an attacking sense on Thursday night and I will back these players to take those opportunities. We have the firepower to go and win the game."


Garner on supporting players psychologically in-game:

"It is down to the players on the pitch and I see myself supporting them in every way possible. I will do whatever I think they need to help them in that game and all I can say is that they have my support throughout every second of that game. I'm there to support them and keep them in the best frame of mind because I know they can win the game."


Garner on managing different scenarios:

"We are well prepared and you think through all eventualities and different scenarios. You find yourself doing that all the time, when I'm driving, when I'm in a shower, and constantly evaluating what will happen. We go into to win the game and whether we are ahead or behind we are going there to win the game and that is the bottom line."


Garner on his experiences this season:

"I've had a great reception since I walked through the door. You have to be realistic in football sometimes and I had always done well in every role up until the last one at Rovers and that was for a variety of reasons. There was an opportunity here and the fans gave me a clean slate to prove myself and it has been a real collective group effort this season>"


Garner on players approach to tomorrow:

"I see real confidence in the group but there is no arrogance. It is all about going there tomorrow and performing to the highest level. We will go there confident that we can win this game."


Garner on penalties:

"The players have been practicing quite a bit after each training season. They have been doing it properly by walking from the halfway line and some of the boys have been shouting abuse at each other to try and replicate a possible penalty situation."


Garner on tactics for tomorrow:

"We are adjusting things from Sunday and have made changes to what we think will work better in this game but it is just fine-tuning. We are on a good run and confidence is high. We don't concede many goals and look a big attacking threat. We need to play to those strengths."


Garner on watching other playoff games:

"I have enjoyed watching them all but won't be watching the other League Two clash tonight. 've enjoyed watching the playoffs and have had a great experience in them so far. I enjoy the big occasion and want my players to do so as well."


Garner on the occasion:

"I'm looking forward to it. I felt calm on Sunday and felt the player were in control and I expect the same on Thrusday. We want to perform and go and win the game. These are the moments that you play for and you have to enjoy the process of it and the involvement in it. If you just focus on the result then you will look back and regret it. I want the players to enjoy it."


Garner on travel plans:

"We are sticking to the away plans we have had all season and we will stick to that approach for this game."


Garner on starting well v Port Vale:

"Our mindset is that we hope they will weather a storm from us at the start of the game. We want to be on the front foot and go and attack the game and don't want to be the team absorbing pressure. We counter-attacked very well on Sunday and could have had one or two more goals on Saturday. That's an important armory of ours going into the game."


Garner on players reaction following Sunday:

"There is good confidence in the group and I am really happy with how the group are. We can play a lot better than we did on Sunday and we need to be brave and show the courage that we have shown throughout the season. Where you are trying to play to feet and constantly getting fouled it does disrupt you so we need the officials to be better on Thursday in terms of managing the game and we need to improve ourselves."


Garner on Thursday's various scenarios:

"I map out how you think the game will go and how you will react for all games. In this instance we just have to focus on winning the game. If we get to the last 15 minutes then you may have to change some things around depending on the scenario you're in."


Garner on former results at Port Vale:

"I don't think anything from the league campaign has any impact. It is a completely different competition and mindset. We can learn from what happened but have to use that to have an impact on Thursday."


Garner on injuries:

"We are as we were on Sunday and have quite a few bumps and cuts but are all good. It's a little bit of a different situation where you are preparing for the same team and I would think we both know what each other is about. I think it's a case of who performs best on Thursday night and have to focus on winning that game."


Ben Garner has now joined us.


We are in the Zoom call and just waiting for Ben Garner to join us shortly.


Good morning and thank you for joining us for this morning's Swindon Town press conference as we speak to Ben Garner ahead of Swindon's trip to Port Vale in the second leg of the playoffs.


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