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PRESS CONFERENCE LIVE: Swindon v Crawley Town

Follow along with live updates as Gavin Gunning speaks to the press ahead of Swindon Town's clash with Crawley Town. Total Sports' Joe Acklam reports live from the press conference.


That is all from today, enjoy your long weekends and we will be back on Monday for the final league game of the season.


I asked Gunning about the WPS final, what he has learned this year, and if he wants the managers job:

  • We will see where we are after Monday for if people can be involved in that game
  • I have learned a lot from two different managers from two different styles, but you want to be winning games
  • Technically no words for this answer, but a rather nonchalant shrug - definitely not a no

Gavin Gunning on the game:

If anyone doesn't want to be injured they won't be involved. You would take the Grimsby score. We have to respect them and they are not a bad side, they are a lot better than they were before Scott.


Gavin Gunning on Crawley:

Everyone is going to say there is no pressure, but with Scott coming back and the gaffer here leaving it changes things. There is a different feel. It is a tough one. We are going to hopefully go out there and perform and the quality should take over. There are some great players here for some front foot football.


Gavin Gunning on coaching badges:

It is good. Doing your badges and coaching is tough, I just want to get them done.

You are always learning from those courses and I have some great tutors and I want to thank them for their effort helping me.


Gavin Gunning on familiar faces:

It doesn't change things for me or the lads. Gladwin is a great guy, I never came across Conroy or Grant and most of the lads weren't here either. You want to end on a positive and bring that through to next year. If the lads perform really well then that fills in the blanks for you for whatever happens.


Gavin Gunning on who he reports to:

I have to tell my son every evening what the craic is. He always asks me how the boys are doing. He is my boss and he just batters me. He is lucky he can get away with it.

I report to Clem, mainly.


Gavin Gunning on retained list:

Possibly it is me, I would imagine it might. We will see what happens. It is football, you have to go through this unless you are a really good player.

If your contract is up and you are not in the plans then it is best to leave. We will have to look at them in the next few weeks to get a clearer picture.


Gavin Gunning on his changes:

Should've, would've could've is football.


Gavin Gunning on Austin:

Austin will be involved certainly. I am hoping for a good crowd, Lindsey coming back, not sure what reaction he will get. I hope it will be respectful, but we just want to attack and be exciting. If you win games you are a good coach, if you lose then you are bad. I have never heard of someone being called a bad coach if they win.


Gavin Gunning on the mood:

I will just be myself and do what I am good. Some guys will be gutted and some will be happy. I have been in these dressing rooms and you are just thinking that is done and on to the next.


Gavin Gunning on interim charge again:

I am hoping we get the same results, that's all I am worried about. The results when Scott left were crap as well. When he left we were sixth in the table and we were right around it. I remember looking and thinking can we get autos. Then things unravelled, that can happen in this league.


Gavin Gunning on Morris' departure:

It is football. Sometimes it doesn't click. The situation doesn't allow you to be successful or what have you. You can make as many excuses as you want, but he is a great guy and he will be successful elsewhere. It is different being a head coach to a coach, the scenarios are different every day. It was his first time and he will learn, but you have to reflect as a coach.


Gavin Gunning on fringe players:

I think it is tough this late in the season to bring people in who haven't been involved. Even if I wanted to, it wouldn't be fair on them or the team. They don't have that match sharpness and it would be unfair to put them at risk of being injured just to win a game.


Gavin Gunning on Williams:

He is a fantastic player, his technical ability is above the level. In football you are sometimes at a level you shouldn't be at. If he is here then that is great, but we will see.


Gavin Gunning on injuries:

Possibly Brewitt could be back, Tomlinson could be in the squad, we will see. FBT and Williams are out.


We are in


Of course, the biggest game of next week is not actually the Crawley one at all, it is the Wiltshire Premier Shield final the day after. I am certainly more excited for that one.


It is the last game of the season and the return of Scott Lindsey, who has managed to come back after his replacement has already left. Crawley are already safe so will not care about the result either, hopefully meaning there will be some textbook final day carnage.


Hello everyone. Crazy week, huh? The good news is that Mad Gav is back at the helm and Swindon look set to win 5-0 this weekend because that is what Gunning teams do. At the very least the jogo bonito is back. We will be on tenterhooks for his classic quips shortly.


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