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Good morning and welcome to today's Total Sport Swindon's live blog as we prepare for the final home game of the season. Join us as we speak to manager Tommy Wright and full-back Dominic Thompson in the first Swindon Town press conference since Swindon were relegated from League One.


That concludes today's press conference.


Thompson on surprise at relegation:

"We've shown we can play really good football at times and there are games where you think we can challenge against the top teams.

Players are surprised and disappointed at being relegated."


Thompson on the Swindon management:

"I don't think it has been below-par and I feel that is quite disrespectful to say.

As a player you have to look at yourself and if the manager gives you a task then you know what to do on matchday.

Players have to look at themselves."


Thompson on learning from relegation:

"I've learnt more about game-management and how to manage the game in certain situations. Sometimes you have to do the nasty side of the game a lot more and from an individual view I have tried to overplay at times.

I have to learn how to be a leader more and how to change things when out on the pitch."


Thompson on team's confidence:

"If you're going through a bad patch or a losing streak then of course things are going to be hard.

After each game you have to take what's happened but there is no time to dwell and you need to pick yourself up to go again.

There hasn't been bad feeling between people and we prepare the best way we can for each game.

Confidence is everything, especially individually because if everyone is confident then decision making is better and you play without thinking. You see it with the top players who have full confidence in themselves."


Thompson on reasons for relegation:

"It's hard to tell and I think since I came here we have been in this relegation battle.

Towards the end with wins over Fleetwood and Bristol we were positive but it's hard to pinpoint one thing and there are many factors that go into it.

Personally some of my performances haven't been the best and everyone needs to look at themselves. I have to reflect on my season and find out where I can improve."


Dominic Thompson on the week following relegation:

"As you can imagine everyone has been disappointed and upset. We knew it was going to be difficult going into the MK game but getting relegated in that fashion was difficult.

We all knew it was going to be tough, MK Dons are a tough side, but we should've done better."


Our mistake, Dominic Thompson has now joined us.


Dominic Thompson will now be speaking to us.


Sorry no it doesn't


That concludes today's press conference.


Wright on Lee Power:

"I don't know the ownership situation and you don't really know what is going on.

Whether Lee stays or go's this club needs to have a plan. This year we haven't had a solid plan.

I don't know whether Lee Power will sell the club but if he does then the new owners need to have a plan in place."


Wright on players not stepping up:

"Some have struggled with injury, with the step up to a higher level and that's not happened here.

Injuries have been a big problem, we've conceded the most goals in the EFL, the most bookings and there has been a real host of things.

You never know how players are going to cope with stepping up, you just don't know.

Certain players can step up to a higher level and Scott Twine is one of them. Mentality is a big thing."


Wright's message to fans:

"It's depressing times sad for everyone and I'm disappointed for everyone.

For the fans I am disappointed for them, this is a good club that will bounce back.

This is going to be massive summer for the club but they will bounce back. This summer its important to b positive."


Wright on Ipswich:

"It's going to be an intriguing, we don't know what type of performance we will produce and the same goes for Ipswich given they have a new manager in.

There needs to be a similar situation here with a sweeping of everything and how the club best moves forward."


Wright on next season:

"I'm not sure you would have to speak to other people about that. I haven't spoke to anyone else upstairs other than Paul Jewell.

That's not unusual but as soon as the new man comes in I',m sure that will be discussed."


Wright on Lee Peacock:

"Lee Peacock has been off ill and wasn't at MK Dons because he was ill.

He had a virus for four or five days and is now back."


Wright on contracts:

"I've heard nothing about that. If the club want to ask my opinions on who should stay, who should go then I will give it.

I've told the club I will be leaving and this will be my last season at Swindon."


Wright on playing for pride:

"These games are about their own personal values and they have to do better than last week. It is your duty as a professional to try and do your best and we lacked courage against MK Dons.

We were too placid but that's gone now and we have to look to tomorrow to try and get some pride back.

The players are big boys, they have to look at themselves and make up for that performance last Saturday. Stand up and be counted, everyone at the club has had fair chance this season to show what they are worth but we haven't had results."


Wright on MK Dons result:

"I spoke to the players and laid it bare that it just wasn't good enough. I told the players it was embarrassing the goals we conceded. I asked if anyone wanted to speak and no one really said anything."


Wright on academy players:

"Harry Parsons is training with us and is involved so there might be an opportunity for him but not too many of the young academy players."


Wright on injuries:

"Rob Hunt is back in the squad and has been training well. Other than that we have no other injuries.

Jordan Lyden, Zeki Fryers, and Akin Odimayo are all long term and won't be available to play.

Dion Conroy had an operation and he is in rehab but not fit to play. Mathieu Baudry shouldn't of be played and I take responsibility for that. He is training and needs to get ready fitness wise."


Tommy Wright has now joined us.


We are in the zoom call and ready to go.


We are currently in the waiting room of the zoom call and will be in shortly once the press conference gets underway.


We will be speaking to Tommy Wright and Dominic Thompson this morning and will be asking the tough questions that the fans want answering.


Today is the first press conference since Swindon Town were relegated from League One after being embarrassed. by MK Dons in a five-nil defeat last Saturday.


Good morning and welcome to the penultimate Total Sport Swindon live press conference blog of the season.


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