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Follow along with live updates as Jody Morris speaks to the press ahead of Swindon Town's clash with Rochdale AFC. Total Sports' Joe Acklam reports live from the press conference.


That is all from today, roll on Saturday.


I asked Williams about injuries and learning from playing a different position:

  • I have been lucky to have people around me when I am injured to help as you feel away from it, so I have tried to do that for some of the guys
  • I am trying to get better about being in the box, but I also want to stop the counter attacks and be on the edge of the box.

Jonny Williams on pre-assists:

It has been the story of my career. I have always put the team first, I don't know if that is because I was being shouted at, but I have got better at it. I am as happy creating opportunities. I get that football is very stats driven and you can understand why people shoot as that is all that is spoken about. That is what is lost with people wanting those goals. It would help me to have it, one day.


Jonny Williams on his performances:

I feel I have been playing a different position, more of number 8. I have been quite pleased and have always been happy transitioning defence to attack and my best position. Before I played more on the wing and scored more goals, the most of my career, but playing as a forward. I have enjoyed it playing there and I think it is my best position, even if I score less goals. As long as I can keep creating and doing those things, then I don't mind if my own stats look worse.


Jonny Williams on experience:

I enjoy the pressure of that, but ideally you would have a bit more experienced. The top three have that and know how to win games. I thought we were better than Carlisle, but they are 12th. In the past I think you need that blend and we are more youth. We can still win games and be the better team, but hopefully we are learning from the errors. Every team I have been in that was successful had that blend.


Jonny Williams on attacking:

I agree we are better defensively and we are running more, which is a great sign. We could improve in front of goal, getting more numbers in the box for putting the ball in and taking shooting opportunities. We also have to sustain attacks and not get countered. That is one thing we need to improve on is keeping the ball in their half. PLaying Rochdale won't be easy as they have to win games too and have had a few good results. WE believe we can win and will still do so.


Jonny Williams on the season:

It is vital to not let this peter out as last year we had to win our last four games. We have to believe in each other and we will give everything and that is the least we can expect. I feel that is the case as everyone is coming off the pitch having given 110%. I don't think we are far away as we could have won the last two and it is not like we are losing every week. We haven't always got the results we deserved, but playing for SWindon there is that expectation of winning and teams play us like that.


Jonny Williams on Wales:

I guess it is a new look squad, there are some changes for the new campaign. There was a lot of thinking and it felt right. Things look promising with lots of young players and I can watch on now.

The camaraderie was there throughout. As a 17 year old under Gary Speed everyone enjoyed it and it was clear it was the start of something special. I missed the era when Bale and Ramsey were coming through and I feel very proud to have been apart of the journey.

We were made well aware of the situation of going to major tournaments and going to three was great. The togetherness was a big part, along with the coaching and players, but it was like 11 brothers all fighting in the same direction. I don't want to keep you here too long with all the memories.


Jonny Williams on international retirement:

The time felt right for me. Good things always come to an end and I have loved every minute of playing in a Wales shirt. I started as a 14 year old in Newtown in a North vs South shirt wearing a Crystal Palace tracksuit. I got put in the squads and have never looked back. After going to the World Cup and scoring against Poland in my last game, there were some unbelievable moments.


We are awaiting Jonny Williams, but he is still finishing up with his routine.


I asked Morris about his coaches and how far along in the development he feels his team is:

  • Mildenhall is invaluable as having the connection to the club and is a great coach as well
  • Off the ball I am seeing good things, but in attack we need to be much better.

Jody Morris on the coaches:

The assistant role is up to Ed to navigate off the back of how I am. He knows me as a lead coach so knows how I am and he has always had to adjust. He may feel I am slightly tough on some of the lads and judge my tone for how he wants to be. Often we have the same thoughts but realises we can't both be hard on the players. I still want him to be himself, so if he feels he needs to be strong with the players then he will do that. Thankfully for me, he does that.


Jody Morris on Ed Brand:

Ed is a top coach and we have a longstanding working relationship. The players like him and I trust and believe in him. The more you have good people around the players, the better we will all be. He supports me and to the players as well. It being all sorted it pleasing for me and everyone else will benefit.


Jody Morris on the club:

I think we always want more. The challenges you have as a head coach is wanting the best for your group and sometimes things aren't possible. Would I have wanted more? Absolutely, but I would always be like that.


Jody Morris on Rochdale:

They are a team who are at the wrong end and fighting for their lives. Two games ago they beat Stevenage, so they can beat the better teams. We have to be on our game and the prep doesn't change for anyone. You hope they replicate the form that put them there.


Jody Morris on resting players:

It is not just a rest why people were left out. You have that in your mind, but I was pleased with those who came in. The whole group looking perky and at the moment a few are a bit leggy but they weren't showing it in training.


Jody Morris on Austin:

For me Austin will thrive off of us creating chances and being in their half and we haven't done enough of that. I would rather be in their half and making them work. As far as Austin is concerned he is trying to put himself in the best position to help the team and if we get forward more than he will get more of a chance to show what he can do. In that position you have to do more than just score, and I feel he is doing that.


Jody Morris on attacking:

It is a bit of everything.There have been perfect moments to hurt teams and we don't do it and then we also don't always make the right patterns. Doing those things is imperative to make chances.


Jody Morris on xG:

For me it is not about taking more risks, but it is a lack of quality. We have had plenty of opportunities to turn defence into attack, but the quality has let us down. Sometimes I pick an extra defender because of lacking bodies and you are forced to play a 3, we played a back four the other night, but in terms of taking risks, we have had enough chances to create. xG is what it is and we are looking at those sort of things is neither here nor there for me. I know how we are performing without seeing that. We are limiting teams to minimal chances but then we have to improve on the attacking aspect.


Jody Morris on highs and lows:

I think it is difficult no matter what age you are if results are up and down. You want players to realise why results are up and down and coming off the back of a disappointing result against Carlisle, realising why is important. We wanted more than a point on Tuesday, but we didn't do enough. Learning why things happen may give you a better chance of reducing errors.


Jody Morris on Roberts:

Lack of game time. There is no point being out if you are not going to play, so training with the group again you can have a closer look. Whether he will be involved is a different question, but if he will not play then it is better for him to be here. I have only seen him in training so far.


Jody Morris on injuries:

Tomlinson is not going to be available. Still sore and recovering. I was quite pleased to see FBT ob the grass today as far as running. He is slightly ahead of schedule, so that it the positive we can take. I think with medial injuries you can get to a certain stage pretty quickly, but twisting and turning is different. It was good to see him out there.


We continue to wait...


Morris asked for this to be moved forward and has since moved it back. I prefer not to speak.


We have been looking at a predicted table and we can look forward to a sterling 9th placed finish with virtually no chance of the play-offs.


Mentally I am still somewhat unplugged from Swindon and have no idea what I want to ask, so feel free to tweet me or the Total Sport account if you have something.


Good afternoon everyone. Apologies for making you all read the Advertiser for the last week, I understand that must have been distressing. I am back now and ready to chat about (checks notes) Rochdale. God damn it.


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