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REVIEW: Padel4All at Basset Down Complex

Launching as the first padel centre in Wiltshire, the team at Total Swindon went down to find out what the new Padel4All centre at Basset Down Golf Complex was all about. Find out more about the brilliant new four-player sport that has arrived in Swindon below as we give our latest sports review.

What is Padel?

Quite simply Padel is a combination between tennis and squash. Played in groups of four, with two players on each team, the courts are laid out similarly to tennis courts but are smaller than traditional courts and are surrounded by rear glass and side cage walls. 

Players will serve underarm across court and then providing there is just one bounce, players can use their squash skills to bounce the ball off the walls and over the net into the other half. Rallies are typically longer than tennis with beginners averaging 10-12 ball rallies, and one of the big plus factors is that you can get really good after just a couple of sessions.

How did we get on at Padel4All at Swindon’s Basset Down?

Arriving at the eye-catching panel centre at Basset Down Golf Complex, the three impressive courts detailed in brilliant blue, surrounded by glossy cages and large glass panels created the feeling that we were stepping into a high-standard and professional environment.

Greeted by our instructor Dax, the three of us were each handed a panel racket, (think a thick-padded tennis racket) and we were shown onto the court. 

Giving us a run-through of the rules and benefits of padel, Dax gave us a detailed breakdown on how to serve and then we were each encouraged to practice our serves. Serving was a lot easier than in tennis due to it being underarm, however, despite it being a challenge to land the ball in the target area, the team soon got to grips with it.

Then it was onto a bit of free play with Dax where each of us took it in terms to try and play a couple of rallies with the padel coach. Dax went slow and was encouraging with advice at all times, therefore really making our experience fun and easy to get on with. 

After a few rounds of individual rallies we were put into a competitive match with two of us on each side as we attempted to find our winning edge. Scored in the same way as tennis, games went quickly and despite a few misplaced shots, we were soon into lengthy rallies that really made the game inclusive, fast-paced and entertaining.

Our first session was an introduction to padel and it was an extremely fun and useful insight into this new sport that has arrived in Swindon. We left wanting to keep playing and with cost-friendly prices available to members and non-members, we will certainly be back to try again.

Padel is not only a fun alternative too tennis that requires less skill and in my eyes is certainly more fun, but it is also a great cardio workout and an enjoyable way to fit exercise into your weekly fitness routine.

Padel4All is well worth the visit, so serve your court here, head on down, and try your hand at this brilliant sport that has arrived in Swindon.


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