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MATCHDAY LIVE: Swindon vs Grimsby Town

Follow along with live updates as Swindon Town play host to Grimsby Town in League Two. Total Sport's Joe Acklam covers the game live from the County Ground.


Full time: Swindon 5 Grismby 0

Wow, just wow.


Five minutes added on *obligatory where did he get that from*.


GOAL! Swindon 5 FIVE (Khan 88') Grismby 0


84- OFF: O'Neill

ON: Orsi-Dadomo


78- Wonderful play by Tyrese "O Fenomeno" Shade as he drove across the field and played the perfect pass for Darcy to curl into the far corner. 4-0.


Goal! Swindon 4 (Darcy 78') Grimsby 0


76: OFF: Greem, McAtee

ON: Morris, Hunt


76- OFF: Williams

ON: Darcy


76- OFF: Austin, Wakeling

ON: Kanu, Jephcott

Yellow Card

74- Gavin Holohan goes into the book. 3-0.


66' OFF: RHM

ON: Shade

That shot proved to be RHM's last touch before coming off and what a performance.


66- Two quickly becomes three as RHM finds space on the left, he cuts inside and drives a shot low forcing the 'keeper to parry it to the feet of Williams, who had the simplest of tasks to tap home. 3-0.


GOAL! Swindon 3 (Williams 66') Grismby 0

Town are really cooking.


62- With his first touch! Hutton with a clipped ball to the back post where Austin pulls the marker away. Lavinier has a free effort and volleys home off the post. 2-0.


GOAL! Swindon 2 (Lavinier 62') Grimsby 0


60- OFF: Iandolo

ON: Lavinier

Yellow Card

59- Harry Clifton goes into the book for a bad tackle on Iandolo. 1-0.


58- Chaos. Iandolo finds space on the left, comes inside and his shot seems to strike a hand. The ball deflected out to Hutton and his low driven ball was flicked into the middle, but no one in red was there to poke it home. 1-0.


55- Swindon look so much more dangerous today. The movement off the ball has been sublime and Grimsby are struggling to cope with it. By far and away the most exciting home game of the season. 1-0.


53- We are so close guys, so close. Khan finds Williams in the hole, he takes a touch and slides in RHM. He prods the ball beyond the 'keeper, but off the post and wide. 1-0.


47- That could have been the moment. Hutton floated a cross towards the back post where Austin was stood, but Crocombe did well to tip it away.

A minute later Swindon countered quickly and RHM played in Austin, only for his finish from the angle to come back off the crossbar. 1-0.


45- The attendance today is 11,053 with 565 from Grimsby.


45- Mikey O'Neill gets us back underway. 1-0.


The players are heading back out for the second half.


Given that Swindon are now attacking the Town End, just for the photos, we do need Austin to score again.


Austin coming into this team has made a big difference. All of a sudden RHM, Wakeling and Williams have someone to play off. The forward movement has been great and the way they have mixed up going long and short has made Swindon difficult to defend. Also, watching the goal back, Hutton has been dreaming of having someone like Austin in the box all season. Tighten up a bit at the back, but more of the same please.


Well, well, well I wonder what changed. Swindon looked a lot more dangerous, great movement, and plenty of chances. The negative is that Town have been very open in transition and have given up some good chances. If they can get a goal early in the second then this should be comfortable.


Half-time: Swindon 1 Grimsby 0


45- RHM gets down the left and lays it back to Austin. The striker works a yard of space and tried to bend it into the far corner, but it goes wide of the mark. 1-0.


45- A good ball nearly set Wakeling through on goal, but Crocombe was quick off his line to deal with the danger, Credit to the Grimsby goalkeeper, he has kept his side in this. 1-0.


45- For all their good play, Swindon have been leaky at the back. MacDonald overcommits and gets nutmegged by O'Neill, he slides it wide to McAtee and his low effort is saved by Brynn. 1-0.


45- Wakeling does well to work space on the right corner of the box and slams a shot at the near post, but Crocombe gets down well to save it. 1-0.


45- Nine minutes of added time *obligatory where did he get that from?* 1-0.


43- Golden chance for Grismby. Grismby play in a low cross and McAtee and O'Neill both go for it, but it comes off McAtee and wide. Let off. 1-0.


42- Austin and RHM combine to get the ball to Wakeling on the edge of the box, he is crowded out and just about musters a shot that is easy for Crocombe to gather. 1-0.


37- Unbelievable save. Hutton plays a great ball in and Andy Smith seemed to have put it in the top corner, only for Crocombe to dive through the air and save the day like he was Superman. 1-0.


36- The free-kick was drilled low by Wakeling and easily blocked and out for a Town throw-in. 1-0.


34- OFF: Otis Khan

ON: Anthony Glennon

Red Card

34- Danny Amos is sent off for bringing down Jacob Wakeling as he was clean through on the edge of the box. 1-0


What I am saying is that is quite the goal drought, what has he been doing this whole time. 1-0.


31- I have just checked and that is Austin's first goal for Swindon since he scored a brace at The Valley against Charlton on 3rd January 2011 in a 4-2 win and his first at the County Ground since 28th December 2010 in a 1-1 draw against Peterborough. 1-0


29- Swindon go close again as Williams stands up a corner and Brennan attacks it, but headed straight at Crocombe. 1-0.


25- Exactly how you would script it. Hutton gets down the right and plays a fine cross into the middle where Austin leapt like a salmon to head home. 1-0.


GOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAAAAAAALLLLLLLLLLLL!!!!! Yes you bet you bet 1-0 Swindon Charlie Austin. It absolutely had to be him.


20- The game is back underway. 0-0.


16- Sam Purkiss (the referee) is being carried off the pitch on a stretcher, but I can see him moving so he should be fine. I believe the fourth official is now the referee. 0-0.


15- The stretcher is out. I may have gone too early with finding that funny. I hope the referee is fine, but objectively it is an amusing moment. 0-0.


12- Best moment of the season. Ciaran Brennan looks to clear and the ball smashes the ref in the face. He is down and might be concussed so I should try not to be too glib. But great comedy (so long as he is fine, obviously). 0-0.


9- The direct stuff is working fairly well so far. Not every time, but Swindon have done well at picking up second balls or winning throw-ins through the indecision of the defenders. 0-0.


7- Swindon are notably more direct here. On a few occasions already Brynn has opted to play longer towards the forwards instead of going short to the centre-backs. 0-0.


4- So Close. Khan drives forward to the edge of the box, he has Williams in space but goes it alone and hit the inside of the post. The ball bounced just away. 0-0.


4- Swindon nearly get in as a ball forward sets Wakeling away down the right, he just keeps the ball in, but the cross goes straight to Crocombe. 0-0.


2- Not the start we were hoping for. Grimsby take a pot shot from 35 yards out and Brynn has to tip it over the bar. 0-0.


1- Fair play to the ground staff, given all the rain and flooding, the pitch looks very good. 0-0.


1- Charlie Austin gets us underway in SN1.


Here come the players. It is rather noisy in here for the first time since the play-offs.


In a shock turn of events, just one of about six mascots has got Austin on the back of their shirt. These kids lack culture.


Just watching the warm-ups and it looks like Town could be playing 4231. Williams and Wakeling wide with RHM playing off of Austin.


I am now in position. Rumour (and by rumour I mean his Instagram story) has it that Michael Doughty is in attendance, so this truly is a glamour fixture here this afternoon.


To confirm, Charlie Austin and Rushian Hepburn-Murphy make their first starts of the season and Louis Reed is not in the squad. Reed was not mentioned as a doubt on Thursday.


Grimsby shape:


Efete Smith Maher Amos

Holohan Green O'Neill

Clifton McAtee Khan

Using my great knowledge of Grimsby, I think they have switched from a 343 in their last game to a 433 today.


Grimsby Town XI:

Crocombe, Efete, Smith, Maher, Amos, Green, Holohan, Clifton, Khan, McAtee, O'Neil

Subs: Glennon, Pearson, Wearne, Hunt, Morris, Orsi, Kiernan


I think that is a 433:


Blake-Tracy Brennan MacDonald Hutton

Iandolo Khan Williams

Hepburn-Murphy Austin Wakeling




Swindon Town XI:

Brynn, Hutton, Iandolo, Williams, Austin, Hepburn-Murphy, Blake-Tracy, MacDonald, Khan, Wakeling, Brennan

Subs: Copland, Darcy, Jephcott, Lavinier, Shade, Dworzak, Kanu


That Swindon team is going up in number order as I work it out, but Austin starts.


In terms of team news, a tweet from Rushian Hepburn-Murphy leads me to believe that he will be in the starting line-up this afternoon.


Good afternoon everyone. It is Swindon v Grimsby, but more importantly it is Charlie Austin's first Swindon game for almost 12 years. Line-ups in just over ten minutes and he will inevitably be on the bench.


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