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MATCHDAY LIVE: Swindon Town v Barrow

Good afternoon and welcome to the County Ground for what could well be the final time this season as Swindon Town host Phil Brown's Barrow. Join Total Sport Swindon's Joe Acklam from 2.30pm as we build up to kick-off and provide you with live text commentary across 90 minutes.


That is a big win for Swindon, they were not at their best today and forgot to take a lot of very presentable chances, but thanks to the calm head and wand of a right foot that Louis Reed possesses they win anyway. Town move up to 7th after Bristol Rovers' late heroics against Rochdale.


Full-time: Swindon Town 2 Barrow 1


90' Epic gamesmanship from Josh Davison as he heads a ball which was already out of play into the stands.

Yellow Card

90' Josh Gordon enters the book for a late tackle on Louis Reed as he tried to hoof it forwards.


90' Josh Davison's hair band has come out and now his hair is flowing majestically behind him, making him look like a Viking.


ON: Ricky Aguiar

OFF: Jonny Williams


Harry McKirdy is very irate with fans in the Arkells Stand who did not give the ball back after Farman kicked it out. Clearly wants to go for a third.


The fourth official has just added on 8 minutes. Not sure about that one.


ON: Jake O'Brien

OFF: Akin Odimayo


88' Huge save from Lewis Ward. Barrow take a free-kick from deep and thread it down the side, cut the ball back and a first time finish is well saved by Swindon's keeper, getting down quickly to stop it.


Garner finally makes his first change of the afternoon.

ON: Ben Gladwin

OFF: Jack Payne


GOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL. Thank god for that. Swindon reply instantly as McKirdy has a shot blocked, the ball falls to Jack Payne who twists and turns and sets it back to Louie Reed who remains calm, goes passed one and curls it into the bottom corner. Wonderful goal and one Swindon desperately needed.


84' Barrow score 1-1. Right before that free-kick from deep was about to be taken we were discussing Swindon throwing away this opportunity to move back into the play-offs and sure enough Rooney swung it in and Matt Platt headed home to level the scores.


81' Joe Grayson is left in oceans of space on the Barrow right and Odimayo has to scamper across, Grayson comes inside him and shoots just over. This does not feel safe.


79' Both Egbo and Barry's socks have been rolling further and further down their legs as this game has gone on. Barry is essentially wearing ankle socks at this point.


Barrow make their third change.

ON: George Williams

OFF: Robbie Gotts


76' Just under 15 to play and Ben Garner has yet to make a change. Swindon are playing well here and should be further clear, but there does seem to be some tiredness and space has opened up on the counter for Barrow on a couple of occasions.


74' Barrow now come very close. The ball was spread wide to Josh Gordon, Baudry backed off him and gave him a window to shoot through, that was blocked and looped up and Ward had to tip it over the bar.


74' Phil Brown is now getting a talking to from the referee. He must not have liked that Egbo got crunched.


71' How is this not 2-0? McKirdy does really well to stay onside, rounds Farman but goes to wide to shoot carries the ball towards goal before having his shot at the near post blocked. Can't help but think some of these misses will come back to haunt Swindon.


68' The attendance today is 13,355.


67' Barrow really need to think about marking Payne and Barry. Once again Payne finds space and plays in a wide open Barry, but Farman rushed out like a man possessed and spread himself as wide as humanly possible to block the shot.


66' The energy that the Barrow front three had in pressing in the first half has faded quite a lot now that we are passed the hour mark. They are giving Conroy and Baudry a lot more time.


64' The crowd here has been a bit subdued this half but they re found their voice as Jack Payne did well to find space in the box and shot fiercely, and his shot was deflected just wide.


63' Feels like that should have been a back pass. A poor pass from Payne to Barry allowed Grayson back into proceedings and he poked it away from Barry's toes back to Farman, who picked it up. Not given, which is a shame because those are rare and fun situations.


60' Swindon have the ball in the back of the Barrow net once again but it gets brough back for Barry being offside. Payne played a one-two with the Aston Villa-loanee and got round the keeper before cutting it back for Davison to tap in, but Barry had been very clearly offside for quite a while before Payne passed to him.


58' Now that Connor Brown has been taken off, a Barrow defender has now managed to stop Barry, but Grayson did have to foul him to do it. Free-kick in an inviting area for a cross.


57' Odimayo gets caught out down the left and the Barrow cross is headed back to Rooney on the edge of the box, but his shot goes straight at Lewis Ward.


55' This has not been as comfortable for Swindon so far. Barrow are causing problems with balls into the box and are having a lot more of those opportunities than they did in the first period.


53' Louie Barry technically just scored but Josh Davison was a good 300 metres offside and no one else was trying when Barry passed it into an guarded net after he was squared it by Davison.


51' It is that pesky long throw again, source of (conservative estimate) 100% of Barrow's chances. Swindon once again fail to clear multiple times before Josh Kay has a shot from the edge of the box that has Lewis Ward at full stretch, but it goes just wide.


50' Phil Brown does not take long to turn to his bench and brings on the former Swindon loanee Ollie Banks.

ON: Ollie Banks and Joe Grayson

OFF: Tom Beadling and Connor Brown


49' Barry once again leaves Brown for dead, but (and this is possibly being generous) I think the ball bobbles up and his cross goes miles over everybody.


46' Swindon have come very close straight after the restart. Jack Payne roles the ball out to McKirdy who shoots ferociously but just wide of the left hand post.


46' Jack Payne gets us back underway for the second-half.


Phil Brown appears once more to have not let his players use the dressing room. Their players are out much earlier than the Swindon team. One time that tactic will work for him, hopefully not today.


Putting it on the record that if my name was Clemente, I would definitely not go by "Clem".


Credit to Clem he has started to save some, but (risking the wrath of the GK's Union here) they have all been straight at him.


Clem Morfuni is currently on the pitch facing penalties from fans and if Ben Chorley is at the game, I would not recommend signing him to replace Wollacott. It is almost like he is intentionally letting some of these in and he is not committing to diving.


Looking around the other grounds makes for good reading for Swindon at half-time and there were some big cheers here when the scores were read out over the Tannoy. Swindon are up to sixth with results as they are.

Carlisle 0 Stevenage 0

Colchester 1 Walsall 1

Crawley 0 Leyton Orient 1

Forest Green 1 Harrogate 1

Northampton 1 Exeter 0

Rochdale 2 Bristol Rovers 0

Scunthorpe 0 Hartlepool 0

Sutton 0 Bradford 1

Tranmere 1 Oldham 0


HALF-TIME. The ref blows his whistle and draws the first-half to a close. Swindon are far from their best, but are in control and have been caused few problems by Barrow.


45' I am convinced that a Barrow defender has not gotten near to Barry all afternoon. Williams spurned a pass to him off his ankle but he kept it in before gliding passed Connor Brown and sliding Davison down the side, who knocked it against the defender to win a corner.


45' There will be two minutes of added time at the end of this first-half.


43' I always hate long throws. Barrow hurl one in from the left and it was flicked on a few times before being cleared, so there was no real danger, it just feels like those situations could easily go wrong.


40' Swindon are looking to get another before half-time and McKirdy does well down the left and slides ball across goal towards the waiting Louie Barry, but it was turned behind for a corner before it could reach him.


39' *Ally McCoist voice* What a goal that would have been by the way. Louie Reed slices the Barrow defence open like he was carving a roast chicken to get Egbo in behind, he cut it back to a wide open McKirdy, who shaped to shoot but blazed it behind. Really should have scored.


37' In one of those "it is a rule, but never applied" situations, Jonny Williams crossed in from a short corner towards Baudry, who had a defender giving him a big bear hug to stop him from being able to jump for the header, but nothing was given.


36' In classic Harry McKirdy style, he is receiving a talking to from the ref for things that he said to him. The ref had just given Swindon a corner, so not quite sure why he was angry with him, but McKirdy rarely needs a reason.


35' Barrow giving a quick reminder that it is only 1-0. Josh Kay spent a while trying to find space down the Swindon left and eventually found it before crossing to the near post where John Rooney attempted a Miles Storey style flick that hit the side netting.


33' I have just heard the strangest nervous ripple ever at a football club. Conroy passed back to Lewis Ward who had no one close to him, but the crowd felt nervous. Gives you an insight into their views on his ability with the ball at his feet.


30' The club put out some award votes in the week and they might be thinking of adding one for Dive of the Season just to reward Akin Odimayo for his effort here. He dived well after getting tackled like Robin van Persie when he scored his header against Spain in the 2014 World Cup.


29' The difference in energy and work rate from between the Barrow forward players and the rest of the team is very noticeable. The front three press like they get paid based on their step count, then the rest of the team sits off Swindon and lets them do what they want.


25' It took Josh 'never misses' Davison to score for it to happen, but the 12-13,000 strong crowd here has now woken up and is getting behind the team. I heard Archie Rhind-Tutt say the other day that English crowds give their support conditionally unlike in Germany, and he is being given some strong evidence here today.

Yellow Card

23' Swindon have a free-kick in a decent position here as Josh Gordon gets a booking for fouling Jonny Williams, who indicated he actually got hit on the knee.


22' GOLAZO!! Akin Odimayo has an outer body experience as he actually puts in a wonderful cross that Kevin De Bruyne would be proud of and finds Davison at the back post, who flicked it back across goal and into the back of the net. He should have scored earlier in the match but Swindon's number 9 has now found the net. 1-0.


19' More trouble down the Swindon right as Barry had switched wings and got in behind down the side, but his cross was mishit and went straight at Farman.


17' Finally this crowd is alive but Swindon should be ahead. Reed slipped in Payne down the right and he played a beautiful cross that Davison and Barry were queuing up to tap home. It came to the Charlton loanee and he spurned it straight at Paul Farman. Really has to do better.


16' That could have been a big chance. Jack Payne turned and was allowed a lot of space inside the Barrow half and should have played in Barry, but delayed it and then his pass was behind him.


15' Having said all of that, Swindon have finally had a strong passage of play. First, Egbo nearly found his way into the penalty area after exchanging passes with Reed, then Payne had a shot blocked, before Barry tried his signature move which we have already discussed, but this time it flew well wide.


13' Barrow were slated to play a 4231, but they seem to be more of an aggressive and narrow 433, trying to funnel Swindon's play down the middle, making it tough for Town to progress the ball so far. It is not helping Conroy, Baudry, and Reed that Egbo and Odimayo are playing higher up and so can't be passed to.


11' After Swindon failed to clear a long throw, Barrow put another ball into the box and Matt Platt rose highest, but unfortunately for him so did his header and it went over the top. Best chance so far for either side.


10' This has not been a great start by Swindon. They haven't really taken control of possession and that has led to Barrow finding some openings, which haven't come to anything or even close to anything but it is far from promising.


6' I do prefer it when the Stratton Bank has fans in it. As we know, proper football teams have four sides to their stadiums and actually using our fourth stand makes the ground feel a lot more full. Hopefully the redevelopment will make this a more regular occurrence.


5' An early attempt at the "Louie Barry special" as he jinked inside two defenders at the corner of the box and had his deflected shot curl just wide.


4' Barrow won an early corner and sent a good cross to the back post where Patrick Brough headed over the top.


1' I must say there is some real energy in this first minute. First Conroy had to clear a cross from deep and then at the other end McKirdy could have been in if he got his touch right. I would prefer it if Barrow were actively wearing flip flops and had their suitcases at the side of the pitch, but they appear to be taking it seriously.


KICK OFF: Josh Gordon has got us underway in a massive game in Swindon's season.


The roar that has greeted the Swindon players coming out of the tunnel was quite something. This is the kind of atmosphere that I haven't witnessed at the County Ground for some years.


It is time for our extremely well informed pre-match predictions. The ever optimistic Ryan has gone for a 4-1 win for Swindon, clearly demonstrating that the team he supports don't let him down enough. I myself have seen enough Swindon to know that this has 1-1 written all over it. I would prefer it if Ryan was right, but find it difficult to be so foolhardy.

Ryan: 4-1 Swindon

Joe: 1-1


There are two former Swindon players in the Barrow squad today, but both are on the bench. Fans of players with lots of pace and little finishing ability will remember Jordan Stevens very fondly from last season (watch him come on and score now), and also Ollie Banks, who had a pretty good loan spell at Swindon under David Flitcroft and Phil Brown. I also remember him playing very well for Barrow against Aston Villa in the League Cup this season.


I imagine they have turned them up because of the bumper crowd that will be at the County Ground today, but the speakers seem particularly loud , making it quite difficult for me to hear myself think. Hopefully this level of noise continues when the match begins in just under 15 minutes time.


Phil Brown's Barrow have made two changes from their 2-1 defeat at Exeter on Tuesday.

Barrow starting XI:

Paul Farman

Connor Brown

Patrick Brough

Matt Platt

Josh Kay

Josh Gordon

Robbie Gotts

Tom Beadling

Remeao Hutton

Niall Canavan

John Rooney


Tom White

Joe Grayson

Josh Lillis

George Williams

Ollie Banks

Jordan Stevens


Ben Garner has made just one enforced switch from Tuesday's pivotal 2-1 victory over Forest Green as the suspended Ellis Iandolo drops out in place of Akin Odimayo.

Swindon Town XI:

Lewis Ward

Akin Odimayo

Dion Conroy (C)

Mathieu Baudry

Josh Davison

Jack Payne

Harry McKirdy

Mandela Egbo

Louie Barry

Jonny Williams

Louis Reed


Jojo Wollacott

Ben Gladwin

Jake O'Brien

Jayden Mitchell-Lawson

Ricky Aguiar

Harry Parsons

Harrison Minturn


Good afternoon and welcome to the County Ground for Swindon's last home game of the season. Barrow are today's visitors managed by former Swindon boss Phil Brown. A win is all that will really do for Town today as the end of the season looms large with them sat just two points outside the play-off places.

Swindon Town FC

Swindon Town Football Club

STFC are Swindon's top football team, based at The County Ground Stadium.

The County Ground, County Road, Swindon, Wiltshire , SN1 2ED

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