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Your Total Guide To shopping

New Year Fashion Goals

New Year resolutions are mainly made surrounding the promise of losing weight and exercising to improve our appearance and health; but as you may know, 66% of the Brits who set resolutions, are giving up on them after 1 month or less. Are you one of them?

And if so, what about starting with the way you style yourself and what’s in your wardrobe? “Style speaks before we do” so wearing something that makes you feel good and that you love, really boosts your confidence, no matter your size. Let me give you some examples of style goals that you can write down with ideas to make your life easier, as well as where I think your style resolutions should start!


Goal #1: “Dress up easier in the morning”


This may sound weird but how many of you get stressed every morning when you open your wardrobe to get ready for the day ahead? You could simply start to plan your outfit the night before to be more organised or even plan your complete wees outfits on Sunday evening…


Goal #2: “Look slimmer”


No surprise here, as most people want to shed a few pounds after Christmas as well as being healthier and fitter. Well, when you wear certain vertical details like for example, stripes, or use the right colours you can easily look a size smaller. 


Goal #3: Wear outfits that make you feel more confident


Self-confidence is a super-power so it’s important to be conscious of what you wear. Get rid of garments that don’t make you feel good and swap them out for items that will leave you feeling more confident. It’s better to have fewer great outfits than tons of clothes that you don’t feel great in.


Goal #4: Learn how to dress for your body shape, no matter your size


January sales are in full swing and my best piece of advice is, even if you want to lose weight, treat yourself to a few nice garments in your existing size to make you feel good. Boosting your Confidence will help you lose that stubborn weight. If you’re not sure about your Body Shape, then try out this helpful quiz.


Goal #5: Create a list of work engagements, occasions or parties you must attend during the year


This is a great goal because it allows you to make time to plan the perfect party outfit. You can start thinking about what you’ll wear, plan what you need to buy or even start creating a list of outfit ideas. Instagram and Pinterest are great tools that you can use for inspiration. 


Goal #6: Set up a realistic monthly budget for your “Image” 


You don’t need to spend a fortune to look stylish. We are lucky to have a lot of online choices as well as charity shops where you can find some great bargains!


Goal #7: Have an organized wardrobe full of clothes you love wearing


This is where your style resolutions should start: your wardrobe! It seems obvious but a lot of women tend to look in the shops instead of analysing what they currently have. If you feel happy with what you have in your wardrobe, every day is a pleasure to dress up. You get compliments and feel confident. So, let me give you some guidelines so that you can make a start! 


Going through your own wardrobe can be a daunting and time-consuming task, however, you can easily split the task and set aside one hour every weekend for a few weeks. 


Take photos along the way so you can see your progress. And why not create a “look book” of your outfits to remind you of what you have as and when you go shopping, or if you need some inspiration.


Firstly you need to streamline your wardrobe. Split your wardrobe into two seasons if you can, so you have your Autumn/Winter clothes in your wardrobe and your Spring/Summer, still in the loft. It’s much easier to see what you have and create a colour theme that suits you. 


Let’s start decluttering!


Create 3 piles:


  • “GET RID OF”: Create a pile of clothes, accessories, shoes that you don’t wear anymore. Things that don’t represent “you” anymore, that don’t fit or are damaged.


  • “NOT SURE”: Ask yourself the following questions: If I saw it in the shop today, Would I buy it? Is it current? Does it fit my current lifestyle? Can I create 3 outfits using it with existing pieces I have in my wardrobe? Am I keeping it because I hope to lose weight and fit in it soon?


My best advice is to put those pieces in a box and review when you are back to that particular size. Often, women don’t want to invest in new clothes until they have lost weight but actually, I encourage my clients to buy clothes they love because if they feel confident, they’ll lose the weight quicker, rather than look at themselves every day in clothes they don’t like. It has a more positive effect.


  • KEEP: Everything that you love wearing.


Now, in order to create a wardrobe that works for you, my advice is to divide your lifestyle needs into a pie chart. 


For example, if you are a stay at home mum, your clothes needs may be divided like this, 70% casual, 20% smart casual and 10% occasions or dressy.


If you are meeting clients 4 days a week and work 1 day in the office, you will need 70% of your outfits to be smart casual/business wear, then 20% casual and 10% occasions.


If you notice a big unbalance then you now understand why you’re struggling to dress up in the morning! Make a shopping list of what you need.


To create a functional wardrobe, you need to be able to mix and match your clothes and accessories easily so keeping in with the same style and a colour theme really helps. 


One way to know your best colours is to do a colour analysis. It makes your life so much easier once you know what colours flatter you, in terms of shopping but also financially as you don’t make costly mistakes anymore. 


You can enter the competition for your chance to win an online Colour Analysis here. 

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