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Ryan Walker - Chief of Sport

Since starting his journalism career whilst still in college in 2013, Ryan has worked tirelessly to make a success of himself the sports journalism industry.

After being TotalSwindon’s speedway reporter since 2014, Ryan has now seen his career reach new heights after being made our Chief of Sport.

Ryan has always had a passion for sport and after realizing he was never going to make it as a professional athlete, he decided that the next best thing would be to write about sport.

Ryan is a very creative individual who is always bursting with new ideas to keep content fresh and exciting. Along with writing about sport he also enjoys playing multiple sports. Rugby, football, cricket and boxing are just some of the sporting activities that Ryan partakes in and over time he has built up a vast amount of knowledge on all sports.

His dream job is to become a professional sports broadcaster and believes the greatest way to success is to work hard and never give up!


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