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How to Best Prepare for Moving Day

A lot of work goes into finding the perfect property and when that awaited moving day finally comes around you’ll want to be prepared.

Check out these suggestions for an easier and less stressful move…

1. Get organised!

First things first, it’s important to have a clear out and get organised. There’s no point in lugging boxes of ‘stuff’ that haven’t been used in years to the new place. If you haven’t opened the boxes in the loft for years, it’s probably time to get rid! Get yourself a copy of The Life Changing Magic of Tidying: A simple effective way to banish clutter forever by Mary Kondo which offers advice on living an orderly and minimal lifestyle.

2. Invest in decent moving boxes

Proper packaging can make all the difference. The last thing you want when you’ve got a million things to worry about is have the bottom of a box give way, leaving the contents of your bookcase strewn across the driveway – or worse yet your vintage crockery.

3. Leave more time than you think

It’s an easy mistake to make; underestimating how long packing will take. Don’t risk leaving it to the last minute when you’re more likely to make irrational decisions about what to get rid of, you might regret it later.

Instead, spend a few hours a week in the run up to the move thinking about what you’re going to pack together, and label things according to the box they’re due to go in, so it’s easy to find at the other end. Packing boxes in relation to each room is always a good idea.

4. Pack an essentials box

Make sure you pack a bag for your first night’s essentials. Don’t forget things like a change of clothes, phone chargers, snacks and the most important item of them all; the kettle.

If you’re roping in a few family members to help unload the moving van the least you can do is keep them fed and watered.

5. Create a good playlist

The early bird catches the worm on moving day and often doesn’t end until the early hours of the following morning, which makes a motivating playlist of your favourite sing-a-long tracks an absolute must! Try this Most Epic Moving Day Playlist on Spotify.

6. Prepare to clean the house when you arrive

Get your scruffy clothes on and give the house a deep clean before moving in your belongings. If you can get the keys a couple of days before so your moving company aren’t waiting around for you then even better – there’s nothing worse than feeling rushed.

7. Compromise on decorating decisions

As soon as the unpacking begins and your home starts to take shape, the vision for the interior will soon come but don’t leave your man to do all the heavy lifting. A recent study by soft furnishings retailer discovered that 75% of British men have a newfound interest in interior design and 42% wish they had more input into decorating decisions.

Create a joint Pinterest board before the move and make sure the interior reflects both of your personalities.

There’s even an interior style quiz here to help you identify your decorating differences:

8. Finally, prepare to find your local fish and chip shop

…and don’t forget to celebrate with a bottle of bubbly!

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