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Prom Tips & Hacks

Prom is an exciting and blissful time. Occasionally one little error can ruin not only your overall look, but also your whole night. Not to worry, we’ve gathered some noteworthy prom tips and tricks that’ll save you from unnecessary stress on the big night.

Heels: Our best friend and our worst enemy all in one. Here’s some high heel hacks to make your shoes bearable on prom night.

  • ALWAYS break them in, wear them around the house a few times before your prom, you’ll thank yourself on the day.
  • If just wearing your shoes isn’t cutting it, put on some thick socks and use a hair dryer on the points that rub. This will loosen the tight spots.
  • Blisters? Rub a little lip balm on the places that rub to prevent them. If they’re already there, use blister cushions.
  • It sounds crazy, but taping two of your toes (your 3rd and 4th) together can make heels a better experience.

Spots: Getting a big red spot on your face just before prom is frustrating. If you want to clear your skin fast try using one of these treatments.

  • Lemon juice is a natural astringent, so it will work to close up your pores. Its high acidity will kill off bacteria, and its natural lightening powers will reduce redness. Put lemon juice on your pimple and leave it until your next face wash.
  • Tea tree oil can reduce skin irritation and acne. Get some pure tea tree oil and coat your acne with it. Do this after washing your face twice daily for the best results.
  • Rub your face with an ice cube. Ice works to quickly close up pores and reduce the swelling and redness stereotypical to pimples. Gently rub your acne with an ice cube to reduce its appearance and soothe any irritations or pain it may be causing you.
  • If these methods don’t eliminate of your spots by prom day, apply concealer over them to reduce their appearance.

Makeup: Your makeup may look amazing at the start of the day, but use these tips to keep it that way for the whole day.

  • To make your lipstick last longer blot it with a tissue after applying, powder the entire lip area, then add another layer of lippy!
  • Use primer, its essential for keeping makeup intact.
  • Use blotting paper if your face gets oily, this will keep your face looking clean and fresh.
  • Soft lips are wonderful for lipstick, try this DIY lip scrub to keep your lips soft. All you need is equal parts sugar, honey and Vaseline. Rub the mixture onto your lips and scrub your lips. Next, wash the mixture off of your and dry them, then apply Vaseline.

Hair: In need of some hairstyling hacks for your prom night? Check out these simple hair tricks that will have you prom queen ready.

  • Spray all of your bobby pins with hair spray before using them. The hair spray will make them sticky and will help them slide into your hair easily and stay in place.
  • Your dress can help determine the right style for your hair. If you have a sweetheart neckline, have it all down. With a tank neckline, wear it half up. If you’re wearing a one shoulder dress, have your hair pulled to one side. With a high collar dress, have it all up.
  • For extra volume use dry shampoo in your roots, even if your hair is clean.
  • Want curls but don’t have a curler? You can use a straighter by wrapping a section of hair around the straightener at the top of the hair and pulling down to the ends.

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