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Karen Thrush

May Talk with Karen Thrush

May is speeding up and summer is round the corner! How is our business community feeling about National Walking Month? Today we're talking to Karen Thrush who is a kinesiology and emotional freedom technique practitioner and kinesiology tutor based in Royal Wootton Bassett.

May is the last month of Spring – how has Spring been for you so far in your business? 
Spring brought a new addition to my business- Body Ballancer (correct spelling) trousers. They are 'magic' trousers that provide a lymphatic massage. This provides a natural detox, improving the immune system, reduces bloating, improves digestion, reduces stress, improves sleep, reduces water retention - resulting in inch loss and much more. 

They are a great addition for me to now be offering this unique massage to my clients. I am the only Body Ballancer in the area, many are in London in Harley St clinics and Harrods.

Have you got any milestones coming up in May, personal or in your business?
A personal milestone for me and my husband is a celebration of our 34th wedding anniversary at the end of this month!

This has been a challenging time for some businesses – with issues around supply chains and cost of living rises – how are you facing that as a business or as a consumer? 

As a business I raised my prices slightly in April which is something I have not done for a few years to help with cost of living rises. We all have bills to pay!

Do you have any money-saving tips or hacks you could share?
One thing I do, which keeps my food shopping bill down, is to plan my meals for the week before going shopping. 

I then only buy what is needed as I know exactly what we are going to eat for the week. Sometimes 'extras' slip in but not too many. I've found this has really helped.  

Do you have any plans for the Queen’s Jubilee at home, in your community or in your business?
My birthday is actually on 3rd June when we will have a family celebration at home - I'll be having my own party as the nation celebrates the Queen's Platinum Jubilee.

Have you ever met the Queen?
The closest I got to meeting the Queen was seeing her drive by in Ferndale Road, Swindon when I was a school child. The Queen was visiting Swindon to open the Wyvern Theatre. It was a very wet day and the whole school lined the pavements with flags and banners which got soaking wet!

What do you think of our Queen?
The Queen is a very strong lady who has always put her duty as Queen before anything else.

May is also National Walking Month – it’s also one of the most beneficial exercises – do you walk at all?
I walk daily with our springer spaniel Zak.

Where is your favourite place to walk? 
The canal and fields down Bincknoll Lane in Royal Wootton Bassett.

Have you got any events planned which you’d like to mention?
In June I am hosting a meet-up practice day for past students and kinesiologists to share ideas and recap techniques. 

Once students set up a practice it can sometimes be quite lonely and it's great for past students to meet up and be part of a community. I started running these events this year bi-monthly and are proving very helpful.

What’s your one top business tip to help others be positive about their business?
Keep focused on serving your customers with what you do to improve their lives.

Tell us all one we won’t know about you?
I was lucky enough to do a recording at Abbey Road Studios a few years ago with Rock Choir. My family think it’s hilarious as I am one of the worst singers in the family. 

I enjoy singing and being part of Rock Choir has been great and has taught me the right words to songs rather than my version of the words!

I am not sure I am any more tuneful but everyone singing together sounds marvellous and is great fun.

Have you got any special offers you’d like to mention? 
I am offering 20-minute taster Body Ballancer sessions for £20. If after the taster a full course of sessions are booked, the cost of the taster is refunded. 

A course of Body Ballancer sessions is great to do now, to spring clean your body before the summer holiday seasons begin. 

A relaxing lymphatic massage with many health benefits and inch loss too.


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